Pictures from Raleigh Best-Of-Launch events.

(I know it's a bit late, but I just now found some time to put this together. Thanks to Tom Geiger for the excellent photos.)

The Raleigh best-of-launch event for SQL Server 2005 and Visual Studio 2005 on November 8th was a smashing success!

Although we had lots of people and the lines were long, everyone checked in efficiently.

RaleighLaunch 003

RaleighLaunch 002

We even started a waitlist...but in the end no one was turned away. We accomodated over 400 people!

RaleighLaunch 011

Many thanks to Rob Zelt, Greg Pugh, Chris Love, Joe Bennett and Mark Hutchinson of TRINUG for helping out as "Event Staff" in addition to manning their table at the event!

RaleighLaunch 008

Here are some shots of John Baker and me presenting to the packed house.

RaleighLaunch 004

RaleighLaunch 005

RaleighLaunch 030


RaleighLaunch 029

And finally some shots of the Pub Club afterwards. In these you'll spot Jim Duffy, a Visual Basic MVP as well as Cindy Winegarden, a Foxpro MVP! Many thanks for their participation in this community event.

RaleighLaunch 021

RaleighLaunch 020

RaleighLaunch 019

RaleighLaunch 018

 RaleighLaunch 007RaleighLaunch 017

 RaleighLaunch 016RaleighLaunch 014

 RaleighLaunch 015RaleighLaunch 013

RaleighLaunch 012



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