I guess moderated comments means…

...I actually have to "moderate" them. Sorry about that. I got a lot of great suggestions to the article I posted on controlling the positions of multiple windows but I never saw them because my blog had a setting to moderate anonymous comments which I supposed is to help block comment spam however it meant that I thought people were ignoring me. Thanks, Mauricio, for pointing out the possible issue with comments. So I turned moderation off. If only the engine would notify me when I had a comment to moderate, I'd come in and do it. Oh well.

And about that post - thanks to Craig for the simple answer that works exactly the way I wanted it to. Turns out the Show method on a form is overloaded and I didn't even realize it - if I pass a form reference (this or me) into the Show method call, the form I'm showing will appear and hide when the main form appears and disappears. Perfect! Here I was mucking about with flags and activate/deactivate events.

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