I'm not full from Halloween candy - though with kids ages 4 1/2 and 3 there's only so much longer I can convince them that any candy with chocolate will make them sick. 🙂

No, I mean the MSDN Events Best-Of Launch series for Raleigh and Charlotte next week are full. As in, so many people have registered they've had to close registration. For Raleigh I have 463 registered, and Charlotte a whopping 597. Now, the registration cut-offs were based on the predicted drop-off of 38%. So if 62% of those registered show up, the auditoriums will be full.

(If I were to borrow the vernacular of airline gate agents, I might say that they will be VERY full, which always irks me because if not every seat is taken, the plane is NOT FULL. It may be crowded, but it's not full. It may be "almost" full, but that's not full either. OK, back to the post now...)

Since we anticipate the auditoriums being (ahem) very full, we are working on a contingency plan. Right now the operations staff is trying to arrange for an overflow room that will have the audio, video and (I'm told) a camera feed of me piped in. This will be a new one on me. I haven't figured out what they will do in order for me to see the people in the other auditorium so I can deteremine if they are grokking what I'm saying or not.

What does this mean to you, blog reader? It means that if you weren't able to register for the above events, there's a good chance you'll get in as a walk-in. My advice to you therefore is to get to the venues early and get your name on the stand-by list (oops, slipped another airline term in there).

However, if I hear that the overflow room thing ain't happenin', I will immediately post to this blog and you can deduce that your chances of getting in as a walk-in would be greatly reduced. So check back here before you drive over Tuesday or Thursday to have your expectations set appropriately.

Needless to say, both registered and walk in folks will have to understand that the crowds will be massive. I ask for your patience on those days, and make sure to bring your printed barcode to speed things along.

Good luck!

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