Where’s Rory???

OK, I don't believe he's here at PDC. Rory, that is. I haven't seen him all week, and he hasn't blogged about PDC. No one on my team that I've talked to has seen him. He's not rooming with anyone on the team (way to be a team player!), so perhaps that doesn't confirm or deny the fact. My last hope is a team dinner tonight with all my fellow DCCs, but I'm not holding my breath. If anyone's seen him, please let me (us) know in the comments!

Comments (3)

  1. MSDN Archive says:

    I’ve seen him a couple of times this week, albeit briefly. He was at the Tuesday night party at White Lotus; I actually served as proxy hand shaker for him as two gentlemen, one from Australia and one from Edinburgh, introduced themselves after recognizing his face from his blog.

  2. Alicia Cales says:

    I don’t know if Jacob’s confirmation counts though – I was at the White Lotus on Tuesday night and I didn’t see him there. On the other hand, I could provide numerous people who could verify that I was there (including Glen’s manager Stacey and his teammate Russ whom I drove to the club).

    I haven’t seen Geoff though I did hear his voice in a darkened room…

  3. JasonF says:

    He’s supposedly rooming with Chris Sells.

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