Notes on PDC – Tuesday

-This convention center has a horrible layout. It's very difficult to find the right rooms to be in. At one point as I followed the crowed towards the keynote, we walked through what was ostensibly a maintenance/staging area and I thought "everyone's lost". But then we re-entered the convention center I realized that people make their own attempts to navigate a space when the map, signage and flow doesn't give you a clear path. I won't comment on the trough in the men's room instead of urinals (c'mon, it's not a stadium!!!)

-Bill G. gave a great keynote, with an unusually lighthearted video starring him and Napoleon Dynamite. Usually only see these kinds of videos internally 🙂

-A really good session on user interface design. Not so much on color schemes, button positioning, etc. but more about the user expereince. Included a humerous walk through of what's wrong with the "Add printer wizard"

-A useful session on how to select the proper presentation layer for your app (Smart Client, HTML, DHTML/ATLAS)

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