I’m almost in a new age bracket

Some late-night/early morning birthday observations:

  • Next year on this day, I’ll have to begin lumping myself into the 40–49 age bracket. But not this year!
  • I have in recent years felt gypped because my birthday falls near or sometimes on Father’s day, and I don’t get as many gifts as I would if the two were farther apart. Kind of like my daughter whose birthday is within 2 weeks of Christmas.
  • I continue to be annoyed at the rhyming duo of “dads and grads” that retailers have latched onto. Just because Father’s day is in June along with numerous graduations, you don’t have to lump them together to drive sales. What’s next? Moms and Poms (whatever that is)? Gramps and Champs? I’m racking my brain to come up with two rhyming words related to Hannukah and Christmas to finish out this bullet, but to no avail. If you’d like to contribute a set, leave a comment. Better yet, don’t give the marketing people any more ammunition.
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