Sometimes nothing beats a whiteboard

Imagine you showed up to one of the Microsoft offices in Redmond with a question on CLR compatibility like "Will my .NET 2.0 apps work on the 1.1 runtime?" Imagine that instead of being handed a white paper or given a URL, they actually walked you back to a Microsoft Program Manager who explained things like backwards/forwards/inside-out* compatibility to you on a whiteboard. Well, if you've never watched any of the Channel 9 videos, that’s what a good deal of them are like. In this case the Program Manager is Jesse Kaplan, and in this awesome video he explains lots of compatibility issues very clearly, and even brings in Robert Villahermosa to explore areas where compatibility issues have popped up.

Best of all, if you are a fast listener (like me), you can increase the playback speed in Windows Media Player and everyone justs sounds extremely caffeinated instead of like chipmunks. Once you’ve seen one, you won’t be able to stop so be sure to check out lots more Channel 9 videos.

*I made this one up.

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