David Chappell to speak in Atlanta 5/18

I just picked up from Doug Turnure’s blog that David Chappell will be speaking at the May 18th meeting of the Atlanta VB.NET study group about “Understanding Inigo” (see below for abstract). I hear seats will be hard to get, so come early. The meeting will be at the Microsoft office in Alpharetta at 6:30 PM.

Understanding Indigo

Indigo is the code name for Microsoft's new foundation for distributed computing and service-oriented applications. This presentation provides an introduction to Indigo, describing what it is, how it works, and how it fits with existing technologies like ASP.NET web services, .NET Remoting, and Enterprise Services. While some familiarity with .NET is assumed, the target audience includes anybody who's interested in how software development will look in the coming service-oriented world.

Comments (6)

  1. Dario Sala says:

    Great Event!

    He has been here in Italy, some weeks ago, speaking about Indigo, and i had the opportunity to watch him.

    If you can, you must go !

  2. Kevin Remde says:

    Cool! Love his show on Comedy Central. 😉

  3. Rick James says:

    I hope he does Rick James and Lil Jon.

    I’m rich bitch

    -Dave Chappelle

    "That’s not true. Unless ‘sense of humor’ means ‘money.’ I don’t believe them bitches for second." (Dave Chappelle, on women wanting a guy with a "sense of humor")

  4. Monkey Boy says:

    Cool, lets do the racial draft! 🙂

  5. Dave says:

    Third season cancelled. I’m bummed.

  6. elkay says:

    i think david chappell 2 from comedy central should do a ‘day in the life’ skit about david chappell 1 from microsoft.

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