ASP.NET Webcast Series Championship – Learn and help me win!

ASP.NET Webcast Week

OK, here's the deal. We have a little competition going on to drive attendance to our ASP.NET Webcast Series over at Microsoft Webcasts. The presenters with the highest attendances win some gift cards to a very popular electronics chain.

So, come on! I know you want to learn all about ASP.NET Mobile Controls on Wednesday, 10/20. I mean, some of the coolest websites are optimized for Pocket PCs and other devices, so why not yours? Just click on the link or the banner, then click on the Level 200 tab and find the "Fundamentals of ASP.NET Mobile Controls" webcast and register - it's free!

And I promise, if I win the gift card, I'll buy some cool gadget and review it right here for you to enjoy vicariously.



Comments (3)

  1. Rob Zelt says:

    Good work on the presentation. I think the examples were very effective.

  2. David Benedict says:

    Where can we get the demo code from the presentation?

    Excellent presentation. I will be implementing some of the techniques immediately!

  3. Glen says:

    It’s available now on my presentations page.

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