Spotted at my last MSDN Event

One of the attendees at my last event in Greensboro, NC may have gone a little overboard with his car, but at least he’s got the right message. ;-). A few of note (since the picture is blurry) One I’d never heard before: “Stop Mad Cowboy Disease” Truest:”John Kerry – Bringing complete sentences to the…


Presentations and sample code

Here is a list of links for topics I’ve presented outside of MSDN Events. Fundamentals of ASP.NET Mobile Controls Webcast Recording Demo Code and Slides Writing Secure Code – Best Practices Part 2 Webcast Recording Demo Code and Slides Fundamentals of Object Oriented Programming in VB.NET Webcast Recording Demo Code Optimizing ASP.NET Web Applications Webcast…


ASP.NET Webcast Series Championship – Learn and help me win!

OK, here’s the deal. We have a little competition going on to drive attendance to our ASP.NET Webcast Series over at Microsoft Webcasts. The presenters with the highest attendances win some gift cards to a very popular electronics chain. So, come on! I know you want to learn all about ASP.NET Mobile Controls on Wednesday,…


Don’t forget the .NET Pub Club in Columbus, GA tomorrow!

After the MSDN Event in Columbus, GA tomorrow, join us for some food and fun a local tavern. It’s the .NET Pub Club! We’ll be anouncing the location at the Event, but it will be pretty close and last from about 6 PM until 8 pm.