Webcast from 9/9/2004 – Best Practices for CLR Objects in SQL Server 2005

Questions & Answers

Q: When an assembly is brought into SQL Server 2005 (either deployed from VS 2005 or via CREATE ASSEMBLY), where are they stored?

A: They are actually stored in the database, and you can get to them through Object Explorer.

Q: How do I make a CLR User-Defined Function available to more than one database?

A: A CLR UDF appears to the SQL Server catalog as any object, so you could put it in the Master database and reference it as Master..function().

Resources & Downloads

You can also download the accompanying code for the webcast. If you missed the original webcast, or want to watch it again (especially for the hilarious part where I forget what language I'm supposed to be creating projects in) you can view it here

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