I’m now MCAD.NET

Yesterday I scored an 826 (passing was 700) on the last in my series of 3 exams, so I'm now an MCAD.NET in VisualBasic.NET. The exams were harder than I thought, especially the last one, 70-310 Developing XML Web Services and Server Components with Microsoft Visual Basic .NET and the Microsoft .NET Framework which had quite a lot on .NET Remoting. But I learned a lot in the time I spent studying for it. I'll be moving on through to MCSD.NET (2 more exams) and then probably repeat the whole series in C#. Why? Because I have tons of free time - not!

This is also the first time I checked out the MCP resource center online, and could view my transcripts. I was surprised to see it still has a record of my first exam, Microsoft® Visual Basic® 3.0 for Windows™— Application Development—Exam, that I took on September 24, 1994. Unfortunately, since there was a large gap between my first exam and my second exam, my low MCP number got lost. Oh well.

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  1. Congrats on your certification,

    I have to agree about questions on Remoting. Most folks never used it, but on the tests it is majority questions.

    You shouldn’t get certification in C#. Why bother, it all compies to MSIL anyway!


    [www.ipattern.com do you?]

  2. Page says:

    Congratulations on your cert! I just passed my first exam (70-316) a couple weeks ago and I am working on the 70-320 (C# version of 70-310) right now. I agree that this one is much more difficult than the others.

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