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As I sit here in lovely Myrtle Beach, SC, preparing to deliver our latest round of MSDN Events content, I'm trying to anticipate what people will be really excited to see. Will they prefer the stuff they can use right now, like Application Blocks and SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services, or will the get more of a charge out of seeing the software-formerly-known-as Whidbey and Yukon? It seems that a few days ago in Raleigh when I first showed it, it was about an even split as to what was the favorite thing each person saw that day. I hope we'll continue to bring a mix of content covering both old and new technologies to these events.

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  1. Matt Ranlett says:

    I’ve been to a few of the MSDN events, and I just wanted to post my personal preferences for the event content. I prefer to learn more about the stuff I can use right now, especially the Application Blocks and Reporting Services. I feel like too many of the events focus so far out in the future that I’m not really learning about anything I will be able to use for over a year.

  2. Glen,

    I think if you can provide developers with guidance of how their current project with .NET can be designed in such way that they would have to do minimum modifications to them when VS 2005 comes out. It would be great. BizTalk, Commerce, SHarePoint servers are great technologies but a few folks are actually working with them, so I would say that it would be good to keep heads up on the products but not more. One big thing is worth of covering is Code Access Security CAS.

    When are you going to be in charlotte?

    [ do you?]

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