Rockin’ and rollin’ at DevDays

Wow, my first 2 DevDays (Raleigh and Charlotte) are behind me and I had a really good time. Presenting the Data Access session in the SmartClient track was a lot of fun, and fortunately for me I didn't have any crashes (which is more than I can say for some of my peers). Maybe I'll see some of you in Atlanta.

We've gotten a great turnout and folks are really into the material. I've met Jeff Prosise, who is a brainiac and an excellent speaker. He writes a great column for MSDN magazine.

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  1. I felt sorry for you today when you had to do the "ooo, look, I can drag a table onto the designer" part, by far the worst part of the day as far as I am concerned. There was quite a disconnect between that, the title (not sure why "Secure" is in that session’s title) and the rest of the day, especially the session after yours.

  2. oh yeah, great presentation, though. The concurrency section was one of the highlights of my morning.

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