Great white north

At our team meeting in December, I received an unexpected surprise. I won the “Most Improved Presenter” award, based on evaluation scores for my events. That means I get the wonderful experience of traveling to Anchorage, Alaska to deliver this quarter's MSDN Event there!

So, if you were looking for me during the week of 2/2 in Fayetteville or Greensboro, you won't find me. I'll be enjoying the lovely climate of the Arctic Circle, which I beleieve is only slightly colder than the last few days in Georgia. But don't fret, the inestimable Paul Murphy will do a fantastic job in my stead.

Comments (1)

  1. Paul says:

    I love North Carolina, can’t wait. So, do we have any HOKIES in the area??? (Proud VT Grad here)

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