Live Streaming with Azure Media Services – Part 1

 One of the most frequent question that I receive from the discussion with customer and partner that are starting to adopt cloud services for media delivery, is about live streaming with Azure Media Service (AMS). Typical questions are about high availability ,  how to maintain the publishing URL for long running live streming, also in…


Using a global audio player and EE4 for live audio Smooth Streaming on Windows Phone 7

After my previous post about Smooth Streaming on Windows Phone 7 I received questions about Live Audio Streaming on Windows Phone 7. In particular the most recurrent questions are: –          Is it possible to create a global audio player that works in every page of my application? –          Is it possible use Expression Encoder 4…


Monitoring and Management services in IIS Transform Manager 1.0 Beta

IIS Transform Manager 1.0 – Beta refresh is available for download. IIS Transform Manager (IIS TM) is a new component of the next version of the IIS Media Services platform and provides a simple integrated video encoding/encrypting and batch conversion and transformation of video files. IIS Transform Manager integrates directly with Expression Encoder 4 to…


IIS Media Services 4 Integrated Media Platform, Streaming for PC, Windows Phone and iPhone™ / iPad™ with a Single Platform : A good example from Mediaset RTI New Media

One of the missions of IIS Media Services  4.0 (IIS MS) is to offer an Integrated Media Platform that allows users to use a single encoder and a single backend to serve video content live and on-demand to a large numbers of client devices spanning from PC , MAC, Windows Phone 7 and iPhoneTM\iPadTM ….


Multi-language audio with IIS Smooth Streaming: An example from Radiovaticana Live Streaming

One of many useful features that comes with IIS Media Services 4.0 and Smooth Streaming is the ability to stream live and on-demand content with multiple language audio tracks that are selectable by the viewer.  An example of this capability is the recent schedule of events that Vatican Radio ( delivered  during the last month….


IIS Media Services 4.0: publishing point runtime status

In my previous post I introduced some new features added to IIS Media Services (IIS MS) 4.0 and in particular the new manifest compression used for Live Streaming. In this post I discuss about the new publishing point runtime status avaliable with IIS MS 4.0. This new feature can permit to you during a Live Streaming…


IIS Media Services 4.0 : Manifest Compression

IIS Media Service 4.0 was released and now you can use it as an integrated media platform .  As you can  read in Chris Knowlton blog post there are a lot of new features in IIS Media Services  4.0 not only connected to the integrated media platform that I described in my previous post on this. We have a lot additionals…


Using Smooth Streaming Media Element for Windows Phone 7

In my previous post I described the avaliability of  Smooth Streaming Media Element (SSME) for Windows Phone (WP) as a part of the Integrated Media Platform vision for IIS Media Services. In this post I would show you how you can use SSME for WP7 in order to reproduce Smooth Streaming (SS) content live and ondemand. In this post…


IIS Media Services: Live Smooth Streaming, Fault Tolerance and Architecture

A frequent question that I received is about suggested architecture for live Smooth Streaming and fault tolerance during a live streaming. With this post I would try to explain in a simple way some details about Live Smooth Streaming and summarize architecture and suggestions for deliver robust Live Streaming with IIS Media Services (IIS MS)….


Integrated Media Platform: Smooth Streaming Media Element for Windows Phone 7 and SMF 2.2

In my previous post I introduced vision of integrated Media Platform coming with IIS Media Services 4.0 (IIS MS 4.0) and IIS Transform Manager (IIS TM) that could permit to have a single infrastructure, able to deliver content to PC, MAC, Windows Phone 7, Apple devices (iPhone ad iPad) , STB, conntected TV , etc….