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JSDay Talks:

 Using today HTML5 Video

The new HTML5 video and audio tags from the HTML5 specification offer a new powerful way to deliver multimedia content using directly HTML and JS . How we can start to use this new features in our web sites ? In this session we will analyze how to use them to play media in modern browsers and on mobile devices. Learn the most advanced techniques and best practices, including encoding and distribution, custom skinnable players, full screen workarounds, seeking settings and fallback scenarios for legacy browsers..

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HTML5, CSS3 – Opening A Whole New World

 New web standards like HTML5, CSS3, and ECMAScript, web designers and developers now have a whole new set of tools they can use to build a new class of web applications that are graphically rich and have more immersive experiences than ever before. But do you really know what this new class of HTML5 web applications is capable of? What’s in HTML5 that lets us take our sites to the next level? Let’s find out!

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 The new Internet Explorer: Standards, Performance, Security and the new JavaScript Engine

 Internet Explorer 9 is here and it is a big step forward for Windows’s browser. Main areas of improvements for IE9 are: Standards, Performance and Security. In this session we will see how Internet Explorer 9 allows developers to build new and exciting web sites using open web standards like HTML5, CSS3 and more. Today’s websites and browsers only use 10% of what your PC offers, but with Internet Explorer 9 you can tap into the power of Windows and your whole PC so your websites look and perform as if they were native to Windows with GPU accelerations and the new JavaScript engine. And because it’s build on standards, the same markup you write not only works across the web, but runs faster and delivers a richer experience through Windows and Internet Explorer 9 and 10!.

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