Integrated Media Platform: Smooth Streaming Media Element for Windows Phone 7 and SMF 2.2

In my previous post I introduced vision of integrated Media Platform coming with IIS Media Services 4.0 (IIS MS 4.0) and IIS Transform Manager (IIS TM) that could permit to have a single infrastructure, able to deliver content to PC, MAC, Windows Phone 7, Apple devices (iPhone ad iPad) , STB, conntected TV , etc.

I would evidence to you that now we have available for public download the new Smooth Streaming Client SDK 1.1 that contains the Smooth Streaming Media Element (SSME) for Windows Phone 7 (WP7). You can download the new SDK here . This is another step forward to materialize the Integrated Media Platform vision and that permit to you to leverage Smooth Streaming also on Windows Phone 7.

In this post on my blog you can find a sample for implement a WP7 app with SSME.

The new SSME for WP7 give to you possibility to reproduce Live and on demand Smooth Streaming content using Silverlight App for WP7 in same way that you can do with Silverlight for PC and MAC. This release supports also Playready DRM  and in this way you could leverage a single backend for content protection too.  

Use the new SSME for WP7 is very simple. In order to build apps that leveraging Smooth Streaming content on WP7, you could use Visual Studio 2010 with  Windows Phone Developer Tools  and after created a new Silverlight Project for WP7, you can add a Reference to SSME for WP7 dll avaliable in  Smooth Streaming Client SDK 1.1  and starting to use the new Media Element in the same way that you do for Silverlight PC.

With the release of this new version of SSME, in order to simplify player creation, we have available a new release  (2.2) of Silverlight Media Framework (SMF) that leverage the new SSME for WP7 and offer a complete player implementation with full source code, documentation and new samples and how to , that support WP7 too like SMF for the PC Silverlight Player.

I'm really excited about the new features that coming with IIS MS 4.0 and IIS TM and I'm working in several projects that leverage this new platform for deliver content to PC ,MAC iPhone/iPad, Windows Phone 7 and others devices and I'll write soon some posts  about technical aspect of these projects were are involved this new platform.


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