ReplayTv service on Rai TV web site with Silverlight and IIS Smooth Streaming

Another important service was recently released from Rainet: Replay TV service. Replay TV on the Rai TV website repurposes the last 7 days of the three main Rai channels as VOD content delivered with Silverlight and IIS Smooth Streaming. In addition, 24/7 live streaming are simulcast from the same three channels and also delivered using Silverlight and Smooth Streaming. Below is an image from the Replay TV Web Site on portal:

This service leverages the same architecture and technology described in my previous post on FIFA World cup and uses content ingested and archived in IIS Media Services during the 24/7 simulcast streaming being delivered with IIS Smooth Streaming and permits repurposing the content in VOD. 

The Silverlight Rough Cut Editor (RCE) enabled rapid, light-touch editing of IIS Smooth Streaming video content without the need for re-encoding. By using the RCE during live streaming, within seconds an editor could mark in and mark out the clips needed. Once marked, the clips were available immediately during the event or after the event. RCE permits an operator to use the “mark in - mark out” edits acquired from an editor to produce a Composite Stream Manifest (.csm). The composite manifest combines clips coming from one or more client manifests into a single edited video. Cuts created and metadata produced are used to drive republishing in VOD in varius format starting from content ingested in IIS Media Services . 

Below is a picture of the high-level architecture used for both services:



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