Blocking Ads

Very nice idea for fighting unwanted ads and pop-ups.

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  1. M Freitas says:

    Hmmm. No, I don’t like it. How do you think free content is being distributed around the net? Someone has to pay bandwidth, disk space, etc. Someone has to pay the time consumed in research, writing, etc.

    Content is not sold, people don’t pay for it – have you seen any website with a success story in subscription? Nope.

    While I agree popups and popunders are annoying, and those new multmedia ads are terrible, I don’t mind standard sized banners and Google AdSense.

    Why people have to have free content and still cut the only income from some websites?

  2. mihailik says:

    But Freitas, there are ads in TV. Do you think I should stay tuned watching advertising and not switching channels? Just to support TV business?

    If there is some technology trick to beat banners, let it work. Ad companies should make its own investigations and not rely on end-user help. It is THEIR business, not my.

  3. Tom says:

    Pop-ups are naughty. I own my desktop, and I want to control my own desktop. If folks place ads in web pages, that is fine; but I cannot accept popups at all.

    I would rather the browser handle pop-up blocking, as in XPSP2, rather than to use a hack like changing the hosts file. Changing the hosts file would require constant maintenance to update the domain names to block. It is a clever idea, however.

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