Custom WCF Authorization using ServiceAuthorizationManager

I was recently tasked with implementing authentication and authorization in an existing WCF-based service using Windows Live ID. The service already had an extensive set of BVT tests that I didn’t necessarily want to break. Integrating Live ID authentication in our service tests would require some additional code modifications and require another pass through those…


UI Automation in Silverlight – Part II (The Easy Way)

So, I wrote a blog post a bit earlier on exposing custom controls for accessibility and automation in Silverlight. If you’re only interested in the automation perspective and the Silverlight unit testing framework doesn’t quite suit your needs, then there’s an easier way than going out and implementing AutomationPeer types.   As of Silverlight Beta 2,…


UI Automation in Silverlight – Simulating User Interactions

I was recently tasked with automating Silverlight Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) in our immediate group. Some tools out there provide limited assistance in this regard; for example, you can write unit tests against your Silverlight controls for in-proc testing. You can read more about that approach here:   Unfortunately, my requirement is to enable…


LINQ to SQL: Optimizing DataContext construction with the factory pattern

In the context of building out a web application, the corresponding DataContext is meant to be built out several times. The application’s DataContext is constructed, some sort of data retrieval or manipulation is done, and then the DataContext goes out of scope. This operation will most likely be done several, several times throughout common user…


LINQ to SQL: Performance and Security

Like many people around the office, I’ve spent the last several weeks being completely enamored with LINQ. It started out innocently enough with a link to Joseph Albahari’s LINQPad and it just took off from there. I’m pleased to say that it has pretty much replaced SQL Management Studio for my purposes. And as an added…


WIX v3 and XmlConfig / XmlFile troubleshooting

I’ve recently been tasked with implementing deployment automation for each component of a relatively large project. Armed with a colleague who had done similar work before, I dove into WiX with a great resource at hand 🙂 Let me preface this whole thing by saying that, despite the snags I’ve ran into, WiX is absolutely…



Power was out for 9 days, from December 14th to December 23rd. Being stuck in freezing weather really helped take the edge off of Christmas 😀 Also, I’m pretty much useless without some sort of electronic gadget. The MSHTML COM object I was having problems with before isn’t so much a *problem*. What I was…


Still no power…

My area of Washington is still without power after last Thursday’s windstorm. Power went out on Thursday night, and as of this posting, there’s still no power. I’m feeling pretty useless without electronics 😀 To do: Write a whiny post about the WebBrowser COM interface.


Good news, everyone! (Wii impressions)

The 360 made it back, safe and sound, after three weeks of being out for repair. More correctly, a replacement unit made it back… And the unit that showed up is defective. It crashes frequently, the DVD drive is inoperable while the unit stands upright, and the DVD drive also makes terrible thunking sounds preceding…


Setting up a Windows Vista + XP Dual Boot

With my 360 out for repairs for the Thanksgiving weekend, I was looking for other ways to entertain myself during the long weekend. I’ve been running Vista as my primary OS since RC1 and swore I’d stick with it, but inevitably, I don’t think Vista is something that can completely replace XP for gamers today….