What’s new with SharePoint 2013 and Dynamics CRM

Recently an analyst asked us what is new in SharePoint & Dynamics CRM with the December 2012 service update. I wrote the below note as a quick summary of what’s revolutionary and evolutionary with SharePoint (specifically SP 2013) & Dynamics CRM. 1. Self-Service BI with PowerView Excel 2013 introduces the ability to create PowerView charts…


Have you checked out Office Web Apps?

In case you’re wondering what Office Web Apps is, it is Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint & OneNote) running in the cloud. In competitive terms, this is the Microsoft’s free version of Google Docs but only better! As announced recently, Office Web Apps now available worldwide in more than 190 countries. Office Web Apps has…


All New SharePoint Sideshow on Channel 9

  Donovan Follette and Paul Stubbs, two of my favorite colleagues in DPE have launched a new show on Channel9 called the SharePoint Sideshow talking about Office and SharePoint development. Pilot episode (the very first episode) was broadcast on inter-tubes last week and is already a hit with developers! Be sure to check it out…


MSDN Webcast: Integrating Microsoft Dynamics CRM with SharePoint 2010 and Office 2010

Updated: 1st August 2010 – This webcast was recorded and you can view it on-demand here: https://www.livemeeting.com/cc/mseventsbmo/view?id=1032453068&role=attend&pw=FC9433C0 Updated: 14th February 2011 – For the latest information on this topic, checkout this webcast on Integrating SharePoint 2010 with CRM 2011 Online On July 1st (Thursday), I’ll be presenting an MSDN webcast titled Integrating Microsoft Dynamics CRM with SharePoint 2010 and…


Office Business Applications (OBA) with Office 2010, CRM & SharePoint

In my quest to bring Office, SharePoint & CRM closer together, I tweaked an old demo and got it working with Office 2010 & SharePoint2010. This demo showcases a custom add-in within Office 2010 that helps a Project Manager to create a status report document. The code uses a formatted document template and a custom…


Business Action Virtual Tour On Demand

Last week I had the opportunity to present four webcasts as part of the Business Action Virtual Tour (BAVT) wherein we discussed about building line of business applications using the CRM (XRM) platform and how you can extend it to create compelling experiences (using WPF & Silverlight), reuse familiar skills (using Office Platform) and how…


What does free SPD mean to you?

The recent announcement that SharePoint Designer (SPD) will be offered for free makes me very excited. Being a SharePoint consultant not long ago, I can truly appreciate how the free SPD & WSS will revolutionize the content management space. When the announcement came out that this change was effective from April 1st, I had every…


Action Packed Business Applications Coming to US

In a series of world-wide events called Business Action World Tour, we’re showcasing how Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) can build serious line of business applications without a lot of effort. To add to that, if you could create a rich & compelling UI (with WPF & Silverlight), make it familiar to your users (with Office…


Creating an OBA – Word Add-in for CRM

It’s Office time folks. If you you’ve watched the channel9 video on CRM-OBA, here is some sample code and screencast that’ll get you going. Download the code Creating an OBA – Word Add-in for CRM Download the video WPF code and screencast are coming right out. Keep coding folks!



I love Onenote and evangelize it’s use equally as I evangelize CRM. This sarcasm from Office Offline blog by David Salaguinto is the best blog humor I’ve seen in a while. His blog is one of the reasons why I don’t effectively use my time at work 🙂 BTW, shouldn’t he call it Office Dead…