How to print a PDF file in Windows 8


I’ve seen many people that are wondering where the print menu went in Windows 8 especially when trying to print a PDF file they’re viewing in the Reader app.

With Keyboard

If you have a keyboard attached to your Windows 8 machine, it is as simple as pressing Ctrl+P in the Reader app which will bring up the list of printers that you have installed and you’re two clicks away from printing your document.

Without Keyboard

If you don’t have a keyboard, don’t worry as you can do this easily with touch. Swipe from the right to bring up the charms.


Tap on Devices which should show you the list of printers you have installed.

image  image


Select the appropriate printer and choose other options (like page size, etc) and print away! BTW be responsible and print only if you must absolutely do so. Vast majority of things you can do on paper (such as reading, highlighting or adding an annotation) can be done directly within the Reader app in Windows 8.


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  1. Mike H says:

    Thanks Girish!

    I was a little bit worried there as I couldn't find it.

    Microsoft team, this is not at all intuitive! There really should be a print button when you swipe up in the PDF App.

  2. Phil M says:

    This is a VERY poor UI experience. How hard would it be to put a button option at the bottom of the screen with the other menu options for print.

    This is yet another fit and finish problem that will turn off end users from the OS. I work at MS and this kind of stuff makes me crazy and concerned with our product design efforts. Great OS that is being marred by the little things.

  3. Alpho says:

    More  hidden Steps rather than just a print  button? hows this easier ?

  4. Abhiney says:

    What a worthless reader they have created, I figured the Cntl+P, which is usual. But you cannot do odd and even pages print, shameful.

  5. Dottie says:

    This is ridiculous.  This doesn't make work flow better

  6. Derek says:

    Long time windows user learning new 8 version  –  like many things it's over complicated –  they totally forgot the value of simplicity when trying to maneuver through multiple sites and documents to get things done.  VERY frustrating

  7. Ken says:

    I agree.  This is just plain stupid.

  8. Lee says:

    TOTALLY RIDICULOUS! I just bought a Dell laptop with Windows 8 and I'm horrified on so many levels πŸ™ This is yet just another example of POOR design. Nothing about Windows 8 is "intuitive" or "logical". I wonder if I can downgrade to Windows 7 at no additional charge? I'm going nuts over here…

  9. Bill says:

    the more I use windows 8, the I think it is a joke.

  10. Rabbi says:

    They should learn from Apple, Windows 8 poorly executed πŸ™

  11. Amber says:

    This stil does not how to tell you to make it work. The PDF printer is in the device list but no dialog box pops up for you to save as PDF.

  12. kalle says:

    What a bunch of combows ..why they need to f. what was working before??

  13. Ray says:

    Couldn't agree more- this is ridiculous. I've just spent the last 20 minutes just trying to figure out how to print tickets delivered as a PDF doc. In Windows 7, it would have been a piece of cake. I even downloaded the Adobe Reader app thinking that MUST have a print button in it, but NO! And when I click on the "Devices" charm (what the hell's so charming about these things, anyway?!!??), it says no devices associated with the app. So, my next question is, how can I associate a device with an app?

    Utterly preposterous!

  14. Dan says:

    Add me to the list of frustrated users of Windows 8.  Finding out how to print a document shouldn't be this hard.

  15. Ron says:

    had to use old reliable xp to google and find hoe to print. not at all productive. like they threw out tha baby with the bath water!!!

  16. Lori says:

    I Hate Hate Hate Windows 8 and BTW who is the Turkey who put the plug in on the right side of the computer, most people are right handed and you have to juggle around the cord,  just another hate for Window 8, One more thing,how the heck do you print off an email?????? I want my print button back and my forward to:

  17. Rob says:

    I'm starting to waiver and think installing Windows 8 was a mistake.  Why hasn't Microsoft done a basic functionality review of Win 7 and Win 8.  Where's the close button as well.  Sad.  Quite sad.

  18. Anthony says:

    This is beyond stupid.  I'd be embarrassed to be associated with this product.

  19. Bancha says:

    Come on Design Folks—just a simple print button—can you work that out for us?

  20. Mark says:

    No Sh#t……… They could have made it more user friendly!!!!!!!

  21. Dina says:

    I've been 20 minutes trying to print a pDF file and still have not found an answer. Why did I ever buy another PC with windows?!!!!!

  22. Mark says:

    Very frustrating. MS is getting too big and is working for its own destruction. It seems that they don't care about the users any more. Or is it a failed attempt to copy Apple OS?

  23. I hate Windows 8 !!!!!!!!!!!!!! says:

    Since Windows XP the winpows  programs have only became worse and worse – and Windows 8 is the very worse – simply BAD.

  24. mazzer says:

    I figured this part out, but for some reason the documents just won't print??? I know my printer nis installed properly as it has done a test sheet etc and will print photo's, but doesn't do anything when I try to print a document…..- We have just updated the home pc to a new one on windows 8 from XP as XP was outdated, but this windows 8 system is ridiculous πŸ™

  25. Natalie says:

    First review I ever take the time to write.  Single worse operating system in history.  Nothing is intuitive – saying it's as "simple as CTRL-P" is a ridiculous statement.  Who would intuitively think to do that?  And what is so easy about it?  And sadly, it has been the easiest answer to find in usage of this OS.  Microsoft really should be embarrased, and their users disgusted.

  26. bali says:

    why they made it complicated instead simpler easier. I am working on this bullshit windows 8 to find the how printout from few days. I just wasted my money.

  27. Jerry says:

    Thank you Girish! Like so many others, I am having a difficult time with Windows 8. Microsoft definitely took a GIANT STEP BACKWARDS with this one. I'm hoping we will see an announcement soon for those who would like to convert back to a prior version.

  28. Terri says:

    Nothing happens when I do ctrl P and the printer doesn't show up in devices.  However, I can print from word, excel, etc.

  29. Babs says:

    I spent ages trying out how to do this until I cam across your post


  30. big i says:

    thanks for the tip love some things hate others on win 8

  31. Steve says:

    So simple, I'm dumb!!!

  32. Dani says:

    I glad its not just me, Thanks for blogs like this,  that confirm that its not just me being stupid.

  33. shamilton says:

    guess we will need window 8 for dummies book:( now that we have this program.

  34. Kashsay says:

    Thanks Girish.  I'd spent ages getting frustrated trying to print my boarding passes.  What a bloody awful system W8 is.  This poor show will push people toward the Mac as we're obliged to learn a new OS anyway.  Get your act together Windows!

  35. egordon says:

    I can't tell you how grateful I am for running across your page.  I, too, have been very frustrated about Windows 8.  I'm hoping we an get a windows 8 update where all these "little" big problems can be fixed.

  36. Dee says:

    Girish….Thank You very helpful…………my Husband was about to put his foot up Windows 8 buttock…if the OS had one…what in the world were they thinking……….not happy with W8…………poor imitation of the MAC

  37. Lisa says:

    SUCKS!  I can't print my pdf.. because my device does not show up on the charms bar.. even though I can see it just fine in the Device manager…  

  38. Carole says:

    Thank goodness I found this site…I had been trying to figure out how to print out my tickets from my pdf files for over an hour!! I'm really disliking Windows 8, wish they would have left well enough alone!!!

  39. John says:

    I still can't print from this thing. I need a refund for my windows 8.

  40. Tareque says:

    Well I tried this but the problem is the printer response way late then usual word printing. sometimes the printer doesn't print at all and when I switch off and then switch on the printer, then the it prints the page.

  41. Sue says:

    Many thanks worked straight away with the Ctrl+P method, swiping didn't bring anything up.

  42. Madonna says:

    Figured the print part out and sent a number of single page documents to our printer without a problem (we have 2) BUT try to send 271 pages to be printed – CAN'T – this was never a problem before I upgraded to Windows 8.  Don't know what I hate more, my Dell Latitude 5400 or Windows 8.  The only thing worse was VISTA.

  43. Todd says:

    As frustrating as it is, Sue sums it up Ctrl + P works every time. Funny how the most modern software leaves you with the most antiquated printing solution.

  44. Lainey says:

    What has happened to MS?  I figured out "Control P" for printing but this seems like going backwards to DOS days.  I also have MS Office 2010 Professional so I can use MS Publisher – what a disaster this is – Outlook is a joke.  Things are supposed to be more convenient and easy to use, not taxing my brain on an hourly basis.  Take note Microsoft – keep this up and Apple shares will start to climb!!!!! πŸ™

  45. Madii says:

    Thanks so much for this tip to print a pdf!

    My only problem now is that I only want to print one page of a huge pdf doc and I can't seem to select just one page to print from the print options (eg if I put in say page 12, it prints page 12 to last page) Any ideas?? Thanks

  46. Mark says:

    Kicking myself for not buying a Mac….

  47. Andy says:

    I agree with a liot of the above comments. It's an odd decision to make features so hard to find when they used to be so easy.

  48. Brian says:

    typical Microsoft wanting to make more on training, stupid morons just don't get it. but hey what goes around comes around. Maybe they should wonder why they are losing market share and fast.

  49. Ned. says:



  50. Jenn says:

    Thank you!!!!  I am trying to print my tax return and I was really starting to get stressed and worried that I couldn't print my state to return to mail in.  Now I am happy (but annoyed at things not be "user friendly")!!

  51. Moe says:

    So embarrassing! I could not print PDF file while in meeting with clients. How silly of me to think I just canp rint like I have been  for the last 15 years.

  52. Keith says:

    Why is this operating system so crap?

  53. Angela says:

    Thanks so much…..was so frustrated prior to reading your tip

  54. Alana says:

    OMG!!! Thank You!! Girish is a genius

  55. Donna says:

    Thank you for letting us know how to print a PDF file! But come on, this is crazy!!! We actually have to go to a support forum to learn how to print a PDF file!?!?!?!? I like how quickly Windows 8 starts, but HATE THE REST! It is NOT user-friendly! Microsoft sincerely messed up this time! You tried way too hard to be competitive and only made it frustrating for users – and I am a software trainer!!!!!!

  56. Becks says:

    Ha, simple when you know how, but I never would've figured it out without stumbling across this post.  Agree with all the rest – much too complicated, and hate having to get used to something all over again when my Windows Vista was just fine………. x

  57. Cedric says:

    But how do you select only a few pages to print – say pages 2-4 ??

  58. Peggi says:

    I love you!!! We've been trying to print pdf files for weeks on a windows 8 computer. thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  59. Michael says:

    Certainly W8 is business unfriendly thus far.  I'm not a computer genius (nor do I want to be one) but many of the functions of W7 are not as easy to access, especially re the print option. I will  labor on!

  60. Girish Raja says:


    You can print selective pages by choosing 'Custom' in the pages dropdown as shown here:…/3580.Windows8PrintingCustom.png.

    Then enter the pages you'd like to print as shown here:…/3630.Windows8PrintingCustomPages.png

  61. Stephanie says:

    Thanks so much!!!  I've been looking all around in the Reader trying to figure this out.

  62. Stacy says:

    Thank you for the quick answer!  Prior to reading your blog, I was extremely frustrated and just wanted the darn document to print but your suggestion worked perfectly.  πŸ™‚

  63. paulineha says:

    I really thought it was just  me being thick.  I can't find anything in Windows 8 to like.  Everything is counter-intuitive.  Why mess around with something that worked OK in the first place?

  64. Bill says:

    I am very frustrated to learn that I must use a little known keyboard command to print.  How many other features will I have to learn.  An onscreen print button just makes sense.

  65. B says:

    Thank you! A month without printing drives one crazy! Thanks for this info!

  66. E says:

    Who the hell thought of all these unintuitive, worthless, frustrating changes. Too bad it was forced on me when my computer of 6 months died. I was excited to give it a try. No any more!!!! Sticking with Apple.  

  67. TraderBec says:

    Like many other others before me have expressed Windows 8 sucks! Not intuitive at all… just spent 30 minutes myself trying to print a pdf file!  Not user friendly or intuitive at all on so many levels.  I would not recommend Windows 8 to anyone!!!!!!

  68. annon 2 mar 2013 says:

    microsoft  and windows8 is crap!

  69. Greg says:

    Thanks for your help.  How do I get my print to file for pdf in my printer drop down box?  In my older versions of windows it was just there.  I hope this isn't a repeated question for you.  Thanks!

  70. Girish Raja says:

    @Greg, There are plenty of Print-to-PDF programs available. The one I use is which has the add-in for free.

  71. Julia Lewis says:

    Thank you so much – So much of W8 has made life more difficult – you solved my problem

  72. Kiki says:

    Thanks so much. I knew there had to be some way to print a PDF.

  73. Norm says:

    I'm here because I couldn't figure out how to print my pdf file in Windows 8.  I can't believe how many ways Windows 8 had made simple things hard to do.

  74. Angel says:

    I just couldn't figure out how to print a pdf file. I gave up and had to search in the internet how to print a simple document.  

  75. Sylvana says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  76. Cath says:

    Thank you!! Felt very stupid! Glad I wasn't the only one! Windows 8 is pants!!!

  77. MCP says:

    THANK YOU !!.. and I agree with everyone comments ..

  78. @tg79 says:

    It's not working . I go to devices and it just says Desktop and Nothing Can Be Sent From The Desktop.

  79. Girish Raja says:

    @tg79 Have you setup your printer (with drivers) on your computer? You can follow the instructions here to add a new printer in Windows 8:…/install-a-printer

  80. New to windows says:

    Thank You so much for this information !!!

  81. Syl says:

    Windows 8 vs Office 2010: My problem is I can print from Web but not from Office. When I look at control panel , printer, the job is there but it just sits there….Help!

  82. Jo says:

    I can get to my printer when in Adobe, but there are no options like print in B&W or economy print like there is in word – how do I do that??? thanks

  83. Idiots says:

    I want to build a web application that you can use to slap the idiots at Microsoft that forced this piece of s… down our throats.

    Please send me a list of names at Microsoft that built windows 8 so I can put their names on the face slap application.


  84. mike says:

    windows 8 is the most user unfriendly os. 8 is a giant waste of time

  85. John Moody says:

    Ctrl+P have been around ever since Windows 3.1 as far as I know.

    If you need Print option appears in your right-click popup menu (Quick Menu), you need other software like the free Print2PDF for Windows 8 at

    The tool allows you to print PDF files in batch as well. I have converted 200+ PDF documents in my My Documents folder with the freeware.

  86. Lawrence McCarthy says:

    Perfect – thank you!! Was getting concerned about not being able to do this and translating PDF files to MS Word for printing is not always possible. Ctrl+ P works fine.

  87. Carmen says:

    How Stupid and frustrating!!!!

  88. CW says:

    Lol Wow I thought I was going crazy now I see Im not the only one

  89. David Siegel says:

    Girish, thank you for solving my problem of figuring out how to print from PDF documents on my Windows 8 laptop.  While I share some of the frustrations expressed here by others, I appreciate that you have taken the time to present two ways to resolve the issue.   Ctrl <P> worked like a charm!

  90. Isn't technology meant to make life easier? says:

    I really am not enjoying windows 8 due to this kind of thing also I often multitask – read a pdf and have something open next to it on the screen (like when I type up a word document) it seems this is impossible as the reader takes the whole screen and isn't available on desktop mode.

  91. valcon5 says:

    I'm ready to flatten my new laptop and reinstall with Linux Ubuntu.

  92. tracy smith says:

    thank you for this

  93. Derek says:

    The useless app won't recognize my printer. I have to print to the microsoft printer as a file, then print every time.  BLOODY USELESS!!!!

  94. Nicole says:

    Seems like everyone is just as unhappy as me about Windows 8……Thank you so much for posting how to print…..Im glad Im not the only one going crazy re: Windows 8.

  95. Marcy says:

    Thanks!!   was using my old laptop every time I needed to print something.  Glad to know I wasn't the only one struggling with this.

  96. CC says:

    Thank you so much! You are the best

  97. JM says:

    Brilliant. Thank you for this. You have no idea how long I've spent trying to work it out!!

  98. GW says:

    I also spent ages trying to work this out, thank you for the information.  It should be a lot easier and user friendly than it is.

  99. ed schlosser says:

    terrible OS.  another loser.  Just quit and bring back XP.

  100. Mona Tinnin says:

    Add my name to frustrated with windows 8

  101. Malcolm Palmer says:

    I never use the start screen …… it's pointless. I go straight to desktop where everything is easier to use. I agree the PDF app is totally useless. I save pdf files to my pen drive then print on my old laptop …. the old faithful, user-friendly XP. The same goes for Internet Explorer. I prefer the desktop version.

  102. I do this almost daily. I use a PDF printer driver called Raster edge . Install it and it becomes a selectable printer option.

    Now you can create PDFs in any program at all, including Adobe Acrobat reader! Just open a PDF, select print, and specify the page range you want to print and select the Rster edge  printer driver.…/pdf-print

  103. Ian Howard says:

    I just spent 30 minutes trying to print a document. I'm giving up and gonna print it on my macbook when I get home.

    Mac's are sooooooooooooooooo much better and easier to use than this awful Windows 8 crap.

  104. Ben says:

    cntrl + P, and Microsoft wonders why people don't feel a connection to their products like America does with Apple

  105. Jeff says:

    Thank you Girish.  So simple, yet so obscure.

  106. frustrated with 8 says:

    thanks to Girish.  Agree with everyone else.  What was Microsoft thinking in releasing this bag of crap OS

  107. James says:

    This is totally ridiculous!!!   Without you I would not have been able to print a PDF which I have been doing for years with no trouble until Windows 8 – the OS from hell.

  108. Harry says:

    This is going to be Microsoft's downfall. they should pay the people back their money!

  109. prblm-child says:

    Thanks….i was sooo lost:)

    Was even considering uninstallin it as I wasnt gettin anywhere:)

  110. Joan says:

    Frustrating on so many levels. I looked forward to Windows 8 on  my new Dell and now I feel like I need to take a class to use it?  This is just wrong…but I printed!  Ya for me!

  111. Rich says:

    I tried CTL P to print a PDF from email. Device shows up and I select print but Nooooooooooooo print. I too have been a MS fan for years and years but I sincerely Dooooooon't like Windows 8.

    Any other suggestions on printing my PDF?

  112. me says:

    thank you, life should be made easier not harder!

  113. Ewald says:

    How does one print a PDF at 100% scale?   With Windows 8, I don't have option to change page scaling from "Print to Fit" to "None", etc.

  114. jerry says:

    i'm about to box this piece of junk up, send it back to dell, and buy an apple.  worst piece of junk program I've ever seen

  115. Ian,Whitby.U.K. says:

    Thank you very,very much it worked fine for me.

    As previous comments,Windows 8 is a nightmare,i wish I had never bought it.

  116. Glenna says:

    Thank you .. worked good for me .. I hate Windows 8 .. cannot find anything and don't know how to do things .. Thanks for your help ..

  117. Mike says:

    Windows 8 sucks!!! I hate it! I have found no one that likes this difficult and moronic operating system!

  118. nick says:

    widows 8 very hard to use driving me insane why did pay all that money

  119. David says:

    Seriously not intuitive. Thank you for making the steps clear!

  120. Dave says:

    My son has Windows 8 – I'm tired of trying to sort things like printing out for him – it is the worst system I have used in 20 years. I'm sticking with my old machine and XP until it breaks down, then I'm buying a Mac. Goodbye Microsoft….

  121. Ed says:

    This is yet another instance of the same kind of issues that plagues Windows 8.  The author of this post say please only print is necessary.  Well Windows 8 now makes it necessary for me to print because when I'm in desktop mode it is freaking annoying how I have to play with my reader app to read data while working with another document I'm trying to compile a report on.  Windows 8 is a freaking mess.

  122. DP says:

    This is really an idiotic piece of software. Why fix something that was not broken. The Microsoft people really did not do any research before creating nightmare of a software.

  123. EdL says:

    This morning, I was trying to print a PDF Marlines certificate, and I was not able to print it, so I just got mad and I just left to go to work. I checked with one of my IT guys and they told me, I needed to use the Ctrl+P to print the document using Windows 8. NOT VERY USER FRIENDLY………

  124. crr says:

    Thanks for this blog entry, but as a 10+ year IT professional with 6 months experience with Windows 8 I shouldn't have to resort to help files or blogs for basic functionality such as printing… one day I hope to figure out IE favorites and then I can use the non-desktop interface.

  125. M.Tyner says:

    ctrl+p……didn't work. Very upset right now!

  126. Iris Carter says:

    Ctrl + P was a no-brainer.  My problem is the document looks fine onscreen, but the print preview (and ultimately the finished print) shifts text to the left rather than remaining centered.  A prior "fix" for that was to "Print as a photo" but that option is not available in Windows 8.  A document that I could print fine just a few weeks ago, is now crap.  What do I do???

  127. Linda says:

    Thank you. God I hate Windows 8, it is such a mess.  Ctrl P worked.  Why is it such a pain to figure out basic stuff?  I've used Windows since it began and they just repeatedly mess with it.

  128. Crystal says:

    Wow! Thank you so much. You're awesome!  I just couldn't understand why would they make it so that we won't be able to print a pdf ? and all we had to do was Ctrl P! Unbelievable.

  129. Nag says:

    wow.. its stupid, at the end I could do with your help !

    win 8 has few tabs OPEN,SAVE AS & all but NO option for PRINT ! its stupid

  130. TPanna says:

    I am with you. I think Windows 8 is back in the dark ages.

  131. Seriously F'ed off says:

    seriously? Cuntrol P – what the dark ages of computing!!! Bill stop spending your kids inheritance in Africa and sort or f'ing kit out!

  132. Romulo says:

    How can I print a zoomed area of a page of the document I opened??

    Somebody help me?

  133. Mrcetta says:

    Another victim of spending twenty minutes trying to print tickets……was scared to lose them on that stupid computer, luckily had my iPad and googled and found the answer here. Thank you for making such a complicated way to print……

  134. Nate S says:

    The fact that this many people had to search the Internet to figure out how to print a document totally amazes me.  I hate Windows 8 with a passion.

  135. Bob says:

    What a joke this is.  I feel like a 95 year person that is using a computer for the first time with Windows 8.  Joke!

  136. John C says:

    Even when you find it, the device does not respond. Next try to find control panel. And when you do, it doesn't respond either. This is the least transparent OS I have used. Everything is hidden as if the designers were trying to show us how smart they are by keeping everything shrouded in mystery. What a HUGE step backwards

  137. RK says:

    No wonders microsoft in going downhill….i give them 2 years tops to go belly up.

    When a founder owner leaves the company, its a rare one that continues to flourish…most often it just flounders

  138. Pat says:

    Thank you so much for your help. Not sure that I like Windows 8!

  139. Chris says:

    Holy crap that was stupid.  Thx for the info.  I was about ready to kick my computer

  140. Judi says:

    Thank you!!!!! I spent hours trying to figure it out myself!!!!!!!

  141. sam says:

    Thank you !!!

    OMG . I had to send to printing shop to print my drawings cause I cant find the print button . not user friendly at all !!

  142. TeslaCoiled says:

    YES!!! Goto Adobe & get THEIR version of Acrobat- Get rid of the BS! Yess!

  143. Ed says:

    you're right Girish – it really is crap design by Microsoft – with no respect at all for users. I reminds me of when they introduced Vista & used all users as test monkeys whilst they continually used "updates" to cure all of their mistakes – leaving only a slow blundering lump of software." NOT HAPPY JAN". Believe me – it is enough to turn me to Mac.

  144. OC Flash says:

    Like all the other posters, there is nothing…repeat, NOTHING intuitive about Win 8!! They would be well served to scrap the whole freakin' thing and start over. I have ALWAYS called the Windows Operating System the world's largest beta test, and this is just one example. Now on to my gripe regarding printing PDFs: If you try to print an EDITABLE PDF, the computer just locks up. Worse, the printer disappears as a resource, forcing the user to reinstall it. Oh and because you can't SAVE the DATA you entered on the PDF, you lose it too, and have to start entering it ALL OVER AGAIN!! This is without a doubt, the worst iteration of Windows ever!

  145. Anita says:

    This is really stupid UI. My in-law is an old person… he would never would had never figure it out how to print from here.

  146. Linden says:

    Me glad I found this info, Windows 8 drives insane, I would rather go back to XP or something, Windows 8, it over complicated, we are small business people who just want to do the simeple things, like print of a pdf form, but working out to do it with 8 is &&^%(*&()*_ it is crap!!! everytime you just touch the slightest thing, all these idiot scenes start flying across the screen and stuff disappears??? why did they desing something so bloody stupid as windows 8?

  147. Joe says:

    Thank you so much, you are the BEST!!!

  148. Karen says:

    I thought it was just me that was having a problem with printing, that I was doing something wrong. I regret getting a computer with windows 8. It is crap.

  149. Brian says:

    I figured it out, but even then some documents print ok, and some won't.

    Solution: download the free reader from adobe.  File menu, Print.  Simple.  Works every time with every document.

  150. Bridget says:

    Thank you so much for your help in sorting out the windows stuff….Got it now……It would have been great to have had a book to read the intructions on how it all works…….Cheers x

  151. Karen says:

    This Window 8 is going back to Future Shop, so glad I found this blog,  the whole Windows 8 is a joke!  I have spent so many hours trying to figure out simple things like printing!

  152. Gary says:

    I thought that I was going blind

  153. Emma says:

    Ok.. The device pulls up but the "menu" doesn't give me color options, print on both sides, change the paper feed, etc.. HELP!

    I've looked and played around with the printing and I can't figure it out

  154. Jen says:

    OMG OMG OMG! My kids are so sick of me ranting about how much I hate Windows 8 — it is SO not intuitive and so badly designed. I am a professional writer and editor and should not have to ask my kids how to print a freaking document! I HAAAAAAAAAATE windows 8! I hate it so bad I am posting comments on this forum even when I know it's a huge waste of time! thank you for listening.

  155. JEN says:

    and by the way thank you Garish

  156. JEN says:

    Girish, GIRISH! see, I am really freaked out, can't even get your name right! so sorry!

  157. Peter says:

    I need to print even pages and odd separately but can't!!!!

  158. amandeep kumar says:

    its simple thanxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  159. JesperN says:

    Aren't Windows going backward? Where's the most convenient "Right Click": that one-click functions search?

  160. whitethunder44 says:

    There should be a print button in the app, and HP support will charge you $59.99 to help you as well, telling you that it is a level 2 problem for help. This Windows 8 is really bad. I also do not have a new printer, and the printer options do not show my HP Photosmart printer. I certainly cannot go out and purchase another printer. Mine is perfectly fine.

  161. trav says:

    why cant ms make it SIMPLE and not complicated. I can't select to make the print bigger since my page is so ;tiny. Please fix windows 8 and MAKE if simpler.

  162. IOS Hacker says:

    Thank you man I couldn't have done it without you. Now my science fair project is safe.

  163. AG says:

    Hate this and many other aspects of windows 8.  It's ridiculous that there is no print option when you right click on the doc.  So user unfriendly across the board.  FAIL.

  164. Arnold says:

    One word everybody. Ubuntu.

  165. nk says:

    Thanks for this, Girish.  And yeah, as everyone else has said, this along with so much else in Windows 8 is just really poorly thought through.

  166. I hate, windows 8! says:

    If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Windows forcibly took over my laptop to install updates to Windows XP, notified me not to turn off the laptop and make sure I was plugged into a power source, which I was not. When power ran out during the involuntary update takeover, the system crashed. My laptop was under warranty, and I was told that if I sent in my laptop, they would wipe out my hard drive and reinstall Windows XP for free, then return my laptop in two weeks. Two weeks ago, I bought a new laptop with Windows 8. I have been trying to do the most emementary tasks ever since, and came to this page to try to figure out how to simply print a pdf file. Next up, trying to figure out how to work from a pdf file and Word file at the same time, which I used to do by simply opening two windows and adjusting their size. Windows 8 does not have a "windows", and is misnamed.  for

  167. Rose says:

    Thank You so much. Windows 8 is ……. rather not say.  I have finaly printed my pdf doc after your instructions,  Thank you so much.

  168. QW says:

    I am trying to print from a pdf file. This is beyond terrible. Should have clicked a couple print buttons and been done. How did these guys think this was a good idea? With the array of useless icons at bottom of page, try placing a 'print' icon.

  169. Mo says:

    Why cant they make things easier

  170. Oh... says:

    At first I thought Windows 8 was being retarded but then i realized i just had the wrong printer selected. What's everyone ranting about windows 8 is SOO is easy to figure out. It literally took me 20 minutes to switch from using XP and 7 to using windows 8. People must really be stupid

  171. car guy says:

    If we made the controls of a car this poorly, people would be driving into ditches all the time.  Doesn't anyone at Microsoft actually look at what you are going to sell?  We at least drive the new cars around before selling them and if we don't like something we change it.  I am so glad I don't work for Microsoft.  You should be ashamed.

  172. noofie16 says:

    Thanks! I am not a big fan of Windows 8 and am struggling to figure it all out. This was quite frustrating trying to print an important document and all I could find out was that I needed to buy more products to make it work. I am very happy I found your blog. Thanks for your help!! Merry Christmas!

  173. patricia51 says:

    Thanks! I needed to print a state tax form and it simply drove me crazy. Well, crazier than usual. I swear I can get more done using my ancient cranky desktop running Vista.

  174. prashant says:

    when i am trying to print , it is asking to save the file and when i save it doesn't print and without saving it close s the file .                      

    help me

  175. Nilesh says:

    I spend hours figuring this out..This is ridiculous…why it has to be so complicated.

  176. mjandrap says:

    Fantastic – so simple but I panicked and didn't think of it!


  177. Chris teacher says:

    Thank you for answering this question. I have been trying to print the same document for 2 hours now thinking the machine was faulty. I really detest windows 8.

  178. germander says:

    win 8 is really it is really  and hard to use

  179. gaay says:

    it is really hard to use

  180. Suren says:

    Thanks Girish. You saved me a lot of hurdles.

  181. Kelly says:

    Thanks for the practical advice.  I hate Windows 8 but I work from home and I have to have a PC in order to be compatible with other work programs.  Oh how I wish I could use a Mac….I'm so sick of Windows products.  All the Apple products in my home work great and are very user friendly.  My 6 year old has no trouble working the MacBook but I can't seem to figure out my new PC with Windows 8.  

  182. :) says:


  183. al says:

    thanks so easy u saved some hassles

  184. gp says:

    windows 8 is the WORST – the UI is terrible and the functionality is just piss F****** Poor!

  185. Maria says:

    Windows 8 sucks ! Very very very frustrating. Nice to finally know how to print from a PDF – but what about printing on both sides of the page. The info tells you not to print if it isn't necessary so as to save paper, but then there is no option on how to save paper and print on both sides.

  186. Adreanne says:

    Thank you I was going crazy trying to print a pdf document on Win8!!!

  187. Eric says:

    Ctrl P'd, selected every printer option in turn, nothing! Print queues show nothing. Downloaded PDF converter that was supposed to fix the problem – nadda. AAARRRGGG.

  188. Jean Potter says:

    I hate Windows 8. This is the worst system I have ever had to deal with. Nothing is simple and it takes 3 more steps every time to do what I did in Windows 7 with one click. Nothing intuitive about it. I guess they just wanted to make something pretty and forgot to check and see if it works. What a POS. I wonder if I can retrieve my license key from Windows 7 and reinstall. Do I dare uninstall Windows 8???? I just finally printed a 1 page pdf that took me an hour to find a solution for on line and now it tells me I have a printer error that is on my desktop…wtf???? I printed out 50 pages last night and there was no error…in fact this pdf pronted out and then the printer shows an error in its LED panel. This is the worst system ever and I have been working with Windows for over 20 years. Somebodies son or distant relative got hired by Microsoft and screwed everything up….Hey Bill…with all your cash can't you do something?????

  189. Midwest Lawyer says:

    Absurd.  I wonder if Bill Gates mutters WTF when he tries to print a document on W-8?  But maybe he's one of the smart people who stick with W-7.  

  190. Desiree G says:

    Thank you!

  191. Frank M says:

    What were they thinking when they built this system !!!  I just got a new PC with Windows 8 installed and it's awful. Even the simplest tasks like shut down and printing PDF's are a chore to figure out. Maybe Microsoft should provide free conversions to Windows 7.    

  192. Mainframe says:

    Can't we get a refund? Windows 8 sucks because of its unfriendly usage. Down the drain with it.

    Thanx for the solution, Girish!

  193. Kelly T says:

    Yes ! Thank You!! Spent an hour trying to figure out how to print my years phone bills for tax purposes, thought I may lose my mind. Thanks, got them printed!

  194. sandra says:

    Like all of you windows 8 is terrible thanks to the advise from this sight I now know how to print from my downloads now I have to learn how to get Skype that has failed me  so many times I'm about to give up but if I do I cannt see or speak to my grandsons, wish me luck.

  195. SRJ says:

    All I can say is WOW…..they took a simple task and made it more complicated

  196. JP says:

    After all that then u got to figure out how to close the pdf… alt F4 is the best I can find


  197. Jesh says:

    Windows 8 is crazy; hiding print, hiding accessories behind colourful rectangles I don't care about. I agree with many comments about lack of intuitiveness. I have to go online like this site to find things.

  198. Anne says:

    Finally! I've been hunting for the print function for PDF for ever…. Thankyou!! Also just discovered – if you bring up rideh and side menu and hit devices whilst in PDF you can print out this way as well. cheers

  199. frank pappas says:

    thanks to vadim from premier pc support.  I would not have found that solution. thank you

  200. Tanisha says:

    Thanks for the help. I started laughing after reading this article because, damn it, I spent nearly 30 minutes trying to figure out how to print a PDF file! I And goodness, this should have been easy. But Windows 8 has made everything SO incredibly hard to find. Anyway, thanks a lot! Cheers.

  201. Iris says:

    windows 8 just plan sucks

  202. Virginia says:

    I can't find any options for "no scaling" or "print to fit".

  203. jim says:

    Plain and simple….Windows 8 sucks!  and not just because of  the PDF printing issue. There are many, many other problems , The price that one is forced to pay for Windows 8 is but a small fraction of the cost of the lost productivity that has been caused  by this farce.  Windows 7 and some of its predecessors were a poor imitation of Apple, but at least there was some redeeming value. None to be found here!  However, I was always taught to finish with a positive……Microsoft is excellent at creating colorful rectangles that mean  nothing to anyone!

  204. GSA says:

    This is very helpful…………I thought now go to some place who knows windows 8 and carry the job

  205. Maureen says:

    How hard does it have to be!  Totally disillusioned with Windows 8.  This is only one of the problems that has give unnecessary stress!

  206. Stan says:

    NOT helpful at all, I figured those steps out easy enough. I can print any Microsoft file, Word, Excel, etc…but PDF shows the printer, shows the options, gives me the print button, BUT hit PRINT and NOTHING. Check the printer to see if there are documents in the queue, NOPE.

  207. Patsy says:

    I have just spent all morning trying to print my boarding passes, I am one of your over 65s  and I thought it

    was me. Next time I will use my old laptop.

  208. Chava says:

    Thanks that was easy. I was trying for an hour.

  209. tashie says:

    microsft need to improve that  beacause what if u don't have internet access then what do u do,honestly.

  210. Buddy says:

    this still does not work for me. I can get to the print menu. when I print the print dialog box goes away like it worked but nothing comes out on the printer. this is only an issue with pdf files.

  211. JP CPA says:

    With a list of frustrations this long, I can't read every post, so I apologize if the following as been addressed already (although I think I already know the answers… You CAN'T do it).

    I am trying to print multiple pages to a single piece of paper (four pages to a single sheet), in an effort to not only save paper but to reduce (physical) file size for my workpapers.  I suspect it can't be done, which is insane that we can't do something today which is good for my business, good for the environment and that we could do as long as ten years ago.

  212. kuppu-kuppu says:

    Thank you Mah. so *** windows 8 ,its badder tahn windoh at my hom. Than yu mahn.

  213. kw CFL says:

    I'm switching to Linux with Open Office. With all of the troubles I have had with Microsloth Windows 8, I'm done!

  214. ching bs says:

    How can I print "current view" in PDF. I could do it in the older version.

  215. Yvonne says:

    OMG!!!! This windows 8 is horrible!!!! I spent hrs on the phone with tech support useless!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so glad I found this blog so helpful.  Thanks!!!

  216. carlos says:

    windows 8 has given me health issues whatever happened to PRINT it used to be so easy now this rubbish!

  217. Christine says:

    It was bothering me why I couldn't print a PDF, so I googled ~ which led me here & voila – I found the answer; thanks!

  218. Tammy says:

    How do you print more than one slide, say 6 slides per page when the file is on Adobe pdf on Windows 8?

  219. Ken says:

    LOL!!!  What a world we live in!!!  This is progress????  LOL ROFL  This is a piece of XXXX!!!!   I wouldn't have thought it possible, that even a group of idiots could make something this bad!?! LOL  ROFL!!!  THIS IS NUTS!!!!!!!!!!!   BRING BACK 3.1!!!!!!!!!!!   IT'S WAAAAYYYY BETTER!!!

    WHAT A WORLD!!!!!!!! LOL ROFL  

    I'm serious, I'm am laughing my XXX off at this as I type.  I'm glad I find this site to post my complaint to as well as find out how to do something I've know how to do for years.  

    Do you know that my dog couldn't push her toy through the pet door, so she went inside, stuck her head out and PULLED IT THROUGH!!!   Smarter than a 5th grader?  Hell, she's smarter than most adults!!!  LOL ROFL

    I'm dying here!!!

    Thanks and have a great day!


  220. gregh says:

    Thanks, been needing to know how for a few months.

  221. rob says:

    complete nightmare to print i hate window 8 !!! why is there not just a print button grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  222. Linus T. - no, not really says:

    WAKE UP! M$' goal is not to be a good, usable OS that provides what people need in order to responsibly and independently use their private property to make their lives better. These concepts may not even exist among the executives at M$. Windows began (I know, having used version 3.0 and up) with a laudable goal, that of standardizing the user-interface of "business software", in order to make it easier for users to learn and so that businesses could replace knowledgeable workers more quickly with those only trained in one type of user-interface-mode, removing and/or limiting access to any others such as the CLI. After this goal was met "fairly well", I guess those people needed something to do, so the goal then became that of only allowing certain actions by the user to have an effect, and ignoring other possibly desirable actions by the user, in effect controlling their actions within the simulated reality of the software program. I won't get more deep than that here, but it's worth considering what the goal has become, prior to submitting to the unknown. OPEN-SOURCE-IS-THE-WAY-OF-FREEDOM

  223. Janet says:

    That's too funny!

  224. Mark says:

    I have an $1800 Transformer Book that has sat vertically unused for 12 months because despite using Windows since it's beginning, I CANNOT USE OR NAVIGATE WINDOWS 8 & M

  225. Irene- Brownsville, Tx. says:

    Very helpful. Thank you.

  226. Mellisa Hugh says:

    How to Print PDF in Windows  8 –

    With help of specialized printing software like Total PDF Printer. If you choose this variant, you will save time on printing, being able to print pdf in batch.

    Batch printing implies you form a batch (a series) of PDF documents and form a single command for printing all of them.

    In Total PDF Printer GUI you should do these actions to print PDF:

    Open the program window and find navigation pad (side folder panel on the left and folder content list in the centre).

    In the folder panel select the folder that contains required PDF files by clicking on it. You will see the list of files it contains in the content list.

    Check off all files you wish to print in batch. For better convenience you can sort files by type, name, time and date of being changed, etc.

    Press β€˜Print’ button on the top left corner of the program window.

    Make required settings in the popped up wizard and press β€˜Start!’

    Depending on how quickly your printer does its job and how many pages is required to process, you will get all the batch printed PDF files in a few minutes.

  227. Masseton says:

    Hi, I even do not see the  "adva-7243-a"  in my windows

    Then I download from site but when printing LANDSCAPE orientation it also fail. I hate Windows 8

  228. Naomi says:

    Here is a link to some more ideas for creating and merging PDF documents.

  229. Greg Moore says:

    I am totally bewhuddled.  I have a modern device capable of handling gigabytes of information in an instant — yet it will not print a .pdf file I can read on the screen by pressing the "print" button.  Instead, it sends the file to a download area, where I must retrieve it by swiping a touch-pad that works only 33% of the time.  Then I have to select a charm (what a disgusting name!) to find my printer (!), the printer that has been attached to my computer for months, and used for every other task.  Why on earth doesn't .pdf reading and printing come as a normal part of any modern computer system?

  230. ange says:

    Thank you so much for your time and effort. I really appreciate it. Thanks again

  231. colin wright ellon says:

    xp was a far superior product less clicks and easier to use

    whose the twat  that invented this crap system with heap of bits at the top xp had it all on one window at top

    I could print pdf no problem on my old computer also excel is easier in xp

    in this 8 your continually looking for commands – print area was at side in xp now you have to go to page layout and find it to set it then try to pdf it it cant full stop

    autocad was the same better a few issues ago do they test this with normal people instead of so called IT experts complete and utter rubbish and why dco x what was wrong with doc nothing at all they are just ripping us of trying to get us to upgrade all the time

  232. Raveendar.Oddi says:

    What a waste app. It has made users suffer rather easier. I'm bit concerned whether MS is looking rectify this with their usual service pack add in's?

  233. ohio dude says:

    Windows wants us to abandon PDF and use their TSP, PMS, POS or whatever they call it. Which at this stage of Cyber History would be Like abandoning Paper and using blackboards in 1800. LOL Maybe Gates and team should "burn down" the PDF version of Library at Alexandra and we go on word of mouth, which is blogs.

    Remember High Tech is still run by People. "Daddy needs another Billion for a new island." Piss on the rest of us

  234. Doraemon says:

    Till now I am still unable to figure out on how to print 4 sheets per page (in PDF Format) from Windows 8 πŸ™

    any tips or advice please…. please Help!

  235. fair oaks businessman says:

    the advice to use Control P does not work for anything other than Word and Excel. The program insists that I sign up in One Note and give away a bunch of information, registration and control to Microshit. FU Gates

  236. venkat says:

    In the name of innovation Microsoft had gone a few years behind. shame on their team that they could not think of an easier option in the reader. the earlier options were user friendly

  237. Ebi prakash says:

    thanks guys it worked . i was not able to print after installing windows 8

  238. alvin says:

    im searching to print multiple pages into 1 sheet . (windows 8) . anyone knows how?

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