Authentication with Dynamics CRM Online on Microsoft online services environment(Office 365)

Since July 19th 2012, all new sign-ups for Dynamics CRM Online have been switched over to the Microsoft online services environment which is the same subscription/billing platform used by Office 365 and many other services from Microsoft. Among many new things with this switch over, one significant technical change is that it allows CRM Online customers and partners to use the same identity platform as Office 365. This means that users of CRM Online & Office 365 will have the same set of username/password to access various services and it also helps administrators to manage their users in an effective way.

If you are a Dynamics CRM developer or partner developing with the CRM Online web services, you might want to update your code to support the new identity platform (now called as Windows Azure Active Directory - WAAD in short)

For .NET developers, this page on MSDN shows you all the details on updating your code: Also the downloadable SDK code samples have been updated to reflect the various authentication options.

For those that are writing code in platforms other than .NET, you might want to checkout the updated SOAP-only web services sample posted here:

You can sign-up for a trial account in the new platform at and manage your subscription at the Microsoft Online Services Portal – Existing users of CRM Online using Microsoft account (formerly Windows Live ID) will eventually be migrated to the new environment and the timelines for this migration is still TBD.

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  1. John Rogerson says:

    And *bang* goes the 2007 Endpoint for Online orgs.  Not good for some of our ISV offerings.  Not good at all.  And not very well communicated to the partners either.  Frantic re-coding of our products is now underway to maintain online support.

  2. Girish Raja says:


    Personally I was not aware that 2007 endpoint was being dropped. Let me check with the development team and find out more.

  3. Girish Raja says:


    I checked with the development team and they mentioned that it was documented a while ago here:…/hh670607.aspx (backwards compatibility section). I agree that it might not be easily discoverable but in the future please stay tuned to the CRM development team blog ( for announcement on such changes.



  4. Gustavo says:

    Hi Girish Raja:

    Do you have an example in php  that works with the new authentication way?



  5. Rodney Norman says:

    hi Girish,

    we have a desktop application that should open a browser and pass user credential and auto login the user. we are using online CRM credential for login. can you please provide some inputs / steps.

    thank you


    Rodney Norman

  6. Girish Raja says:

    @Rodney, @Gustavo

    Can you please try posting in the CRM forums here:…/117.aspx ?

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