Virtual Machine for Dynamics CRM 2011

Microsoft has released a Virtual Machine (VM) for CRM 2011 for field and partner consumption.  This virtual machine is for demonstration purposes and is pre-loaded with a number of high value scenario demos. It includes CRM 2011, SharePoint, Exchange, Outlook client, SQL Server, and includes xRM scenarios such as portals, facility management, employee management, vendor management scenarios.  With the host of tools available within the VM, it can also be used to kick start your CRM 2011 development if you’d like to build apps for CRM 2011.


You can download the virtual machine from PartnerSource here:


If the standard one doesn’t fit your needs, you can always build your own custom CRM 2011 VM.

Comments (3)

  1. Aryan Nava says:

    Thanks for this information

  2. Thanks for your good post about CRM2011 install. I have just a question…. suggested me when i have read this from planning guide of 2011 CRM:

    Active Directory modes

    The computer on which Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 is running must be a domain member in a domain that is running in one of the following Active Directory directory service domain modes:

    • Windows 2000 Mixed

    • Windows 2000 Native

    • Windows Server 2003 Interim

    • Windows Server 2003 Native

    • Windows Server 2008 Interim

    • Windows Server 2008 Native


    • The computer on which Microsoft Dynamics CRM is running cannot function as an Active Directory domain controller, unless it is running Windows Small Business Server 2008.

    • When you install Microsoft Dynamics CRM in a Windows 2000 Mixed-mode domain, you cannot add users to Microsoft Dynamics CRM that are located in a different domain.

    • Installing Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server 2011 in a domain that is running in Active Directory Application Mode (ADAM) is not supported.

    All Active Directory forest modes are supported. For more information about Active Directory domain and forest modes, see the Active Directory Domains and Trusts MMC snap-in Help.

    It's says that The computer on which Microsoft Dynamics CRM is running cannot function as an Active Directory domain controller, BUT YOU MAKE CRM VM an Active Domain Controller??????? Why???

    Thanks in advance. Alessandro Spiandore

  3. Girish Raja says:

    @Alessandro You would never want to do that on a production machine which is why the planning and deployment guide suggests so. This post is about building a virtual machine for developers and demo folks where it is not common for them to have seperate AD/FrontEnd/BackEnd machines. An all-in-one self-contained environement is suitable and ideal for this specific audience (developers and demo folks).

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