MSDN Webcast on Developing for SharePoint 2010 Online

Office 365 will certainly be one of the most interesting enterprise offerings coming from Microsoft this year. For CRM & SharePoint developers this means that they’ll be able to use SharePoint 2010 in the cloud with SharePoint Online (SPO) and this offers a lot of new possibilities.

Chris Mayo, Technical Evangelist for SPO in my team is presenting a primer webcast on SharePoint Online Development next Tuesday (Jan 11th 2011) and I strongly encourage you to attend it if you’re planning to work with SPO.

You can register for the webcast here. Here is a description of the webcast from the registration page:

Microsoft SharePoint Online moves Microsoft SharePoint 2010 to the cloud. With that move, SharePoint developers are now empowered to build collaboration solutions that run in the cloud using Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, Microsoft Silverlight 4, JavaScript, and Workflow using the SharePoint platform they know and love. In this webcast, you learn how SharePoint Online development is the same as developing for SharePoint 2010 and where the key differences lie. When discussing the differences, we cover common solution patterns for developing solutions to work within the differences while still building powerful solutions. We also discuss how to build SharePoint Online solutions using Sandbox Solutions so your code is ready to run in the cloud from the start.

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