Professional Developer’s Conference (PDC10) is here

PDC10 kicks off Thursday, October 28, on Microsoft's Redmond campus. Previously, the Developer & Platform Evangelism (DPE) event was held at much larger venues such as the Los Angeles Convention Center. This year, we decided to bring PDC to our own backyard. Although the conference will be smaller and more intimate, we are using own technologies like Azure & Silverlight to bring PDC to developers worldwide.

Every single breakout session and keynote will be broadcast live in HD with DVR style controls (pause and rewind live video): The player is just like the one that NBC uses to broadcast the Olympics. In case you have a schedule conflict, don’t worry as all sessions will be made available on-demand as well. BTW, there are several PDC viewing parties organized all over the world (except for Antarctica!) so check out if there is one near you:

If you’re here in person for PDC10, checkout the new CRMOnline as I’ll be showing demos of CRMOnline (2011 version) at the Office & SharePoint booths in the expo area. Send me an email if you’d like to meet me or feel free to swing by the booth.

Of course a developer conference isn’t complete without a CRM session Smile. Andrew Bybee did a great presentation that was pre-recorded and will go live as PDC begins. Towards the end of the session I’ll be showing a couple of neat little Windows Phone 7 apps built for CRM Online and Azure. That’s right WP7 rocks! Credit goes to to David Yack and Chris Auld for helping with the demo.

Building Business Applications in the Cloud with CRM Online by Andrew Bybee

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online is all about providing compelling business applications to your customer and accelerating development of your applications in the cloud. The upcoming 2011 release has a wide array of new development capabilities such as Solution Packaging, Sandboxed Code, Built-in Dashboards, and much more. Watch this session to understand the innovation behind this new CRM Online release powered by .NET 4.0. Specifically, we’ll cover how to build a CRM Online Solution, take advantage of native SharePoint & Office integration and deploy your application to Dynamics Marketplace to reach a broader customer base.


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