CRM Portal Accelerators & Advanced Developer Extensions – Part 2

Let’s take a deeper look at the portal accelerator this time. The new portal accelerator release also includes the updated Event management, eService & partner relationship management (PRM) accelerators. Portal accelerator v2 has plenty of new features such as content management, in-place editing, Windows Live ID (WLID) integration, improved calendar and service scheduling engine, basic Web-to-Lead functionality, integration with CRM marketing list and much more. Yet, the new accelerator is backwards compatibility with the first version of portal accelerator. The external portals themselves are flexible enough that you can deploy them in your own web server or on Windows Azure.

In this video Reuben Krippner walks us through some of the benefits and usage scenarios of the new portal accelerator.

I recommend watching the demo in WMV (High).


As always you can download the accelerators at

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