Silverlight & SharePoint coming at you fast

If you are a CRM developer, there are quite a few beta technologies coming fast your way and you better be ready.

SharePoint 2010 DeveloperOffice 2010 WorkshopFirst off, SharePoint 2010 and Office 2010 are really great products to watch out for and if you haven’t had the time to play with it yet, there is a Virtual Machine available for you to download and start right away. You can download the virtual machine here: 2010 Information Worker Demonstration Virtual Machine (Beta). Also don’t forget to checkout the developer training kits by clicking on the product logos above.

Next up, I came across this video on twitter in which
David Yack talks about Silverlight 4 & xRM. A short compelling video and there is no reason not to listen to it. After watching it, I realized that there is a whole series of such videos on MSDN as a podcast series called Bytes by MSDN.

BytesbyMSDNBytes by MSDN is totally awesome. It is a collection of small podcasts usually under 5 minutes. Looking at the speaker line-up, it is a must add to your list of podcasts. The podcast feed is here:

Finally these things have increased my coding adrenaline to create a code sample that integrates CRM 4.0, Silverlight 4 & SharePoint 2010. It is a very basic sample and is almost ready. Look for it here shortly.

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