xRM ISV Case Study: CSSI

The solution that CSSI built on xRM is a great evidence on how developers can rapidly innovate and at the same time minimize risk by building on a proven platform. CSSI specializes in creating software to help companies with an insurance business model streamline and automate core business processes. Capitalizing on the built-in components and native extensibility offered through the xRM platform, CSSI built its VUE IncentivePoint solution in four months—70 percent faster than originally projected.

To quote Joseph Westlake, Vice President of Corporate Strategy, CSSI

“The workflow engine alone in xRM saved us a year in development time and helped us keep our project team small.”

Check out more about their solution on the case study page here: http://www.microsoft.com/casestudies/

You can also download this case study for printing & distribution here: CSSICaseStudy.doc

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