PDC 09 is on. And yes, xRM will be served!

Get ready for the coolest developer event on the planet. Coming to Los Angeles again, PDC09 will be held from Nov 17th – 19th 2009.

I had a blast at last PDC and I really look forward for this year’s event. One of the reasons I really look forward is because we’ll definitely be talking about xRM. Titles of a few talks this year are published on the site’s ‘Sessions’ area. Note that we’ve only published a sub-set of ‘Sessions’ and there is many more to come. So stay tuned.

Developing xRM Solutions Using Windows Azure


You might ask how you can keep up with all the updates and sessions announcements. We’ve got an answer for you in feeds. When you’re on http://microsoftpdc.com make sure, to check out the RSS/ATOM feeds and subscribe to the ones that you’re interested in.





Registration for PDC 09 is now open. Register by September 15th at http://microsoftpdc.com/ and get a $500 early bird discount. Not bad, huh.

We’ll see you soon in LA.

Comments (2)

  1. Anne Stanton says:

    Any hints on what will be in PDC 2010 with regards to XRM/CRM?

  2. Girish Raja says:

    Hello Anne,

    At this point we are not publicly talking about the next PDC. Join the PDC mailing list(https://www.ustechsregister.com/pdcmailinglist/main.aspx) to get updates on future PDC events. Be assured that we will be talking about future direction of XRM/CRM at various events including PDC.

    -Girish Raja

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