Make sure you have the new CRM 4.0 VPC

The CRM VPC available on has been a wonderful resource for not just demos but development as well. I’m sure many developers are using it for building their prototypes and in some cases active product development.

Note that the CRM VPC on MS downloads will expire tomorrow (June 11th 2009).

Make sure you download the new CRM 4.0 VPC from the PartnerSource link below:

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Virtual PC Image (April 2009)

We are also working on modifying the CRM Developer Rampup Kit to be based on the new VPC. The new content will go live within a few weeks.

Phillip Haase has worked hard in building this VPC and has put together a nice article about this VPC on the CRM blog.

How do I know when my VPC expires?

Many have asked me how to find out the expiry of the variety of VPCs they have in hand. To find this out, simply type winver in command line or “Run” prompt within the VPC and it’ll tell you when the VPC expires.



Now try this on the new CRM VPC. As you can see the new CRM VPC also has an expiry date.


I know this can be frustrating for some of you but I wanted to explain why we keep doing this over and over again. We (as Microsoft employees) have legal obligations to release only time-limited or evaluation copies of software when we release them as a public VPC. That said, we definitely want to make things easier for you to begin your development or show a demo. Please let us know if you have any specific feedback or suggestions.

Comments (3)

  1. Note that the CRM VPC on MS downloads will expire tomorrow (June 11th 2009). More Details on Girish Raja's

  2. sb says:

    How do I get a copy if I do not have access to partner source or customer source? We would like to get a copy for evaluation.

  3. Girish Raja says:

    @sb, If you are working with a Microsoft partner or customer, they’ll be able to get you the copy of the VPC.

    In the mean time, the other alternatives I could think of are using the 90-day trial downloads at, or testing or using

    Hope this helps.


    -Girish Raja.

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