CRM Incubation Week Part2 – Roundup

The second CRM Incubation Week was another great success with 5 innovative XRM solutions built during the week.

During the week, I advised SmartRedPen from the Boston area that is working on a solution for second language teachers. Though it sounds like a simple solution, Jennifer and Bolivar from SmartRedPen explained to me the intricacies involved and how huge the market potential for their solution is.

What is most interesting to me about the XRM platform is the grassroots innovation it brings about. All that SmartRedPen did to begin with is pick up David Yack’s XRM book and download the CRM VPC to get started in building a business application on the XRM platform. They didn’t have to go through lots of training or complex processes to start building their application!

Luckily for them, we found several Microsoft platforms built on XRM, WPF and Silverlight that gave them a head start for their solution. Couple of interesting ones we discovered during the week include

Microsoft Semblio – A .NET based educational toolkit allowing you to create rich, immersive multimedia learning material.

image SCE Starter Kit – Remember the amazing New York Times Reader built on WPF? Now what if you had the source code to that application platform? That’s exactly what SCE starter kit is. It includes the SDK to build great reading (& multimedia) experience in your application. A recommended download for all .NET & WPF developers. BTW, NYTimes Reader has a free edition, so that’s a recommended download for everyone!

Below are the companies that participated in the Incubation Week and built a functional solution in a week’s time.




Project Management and Resource Scheduling for Professional Services Organizations

Smart Red Pen

OnDemand educational portal for learning 2nd Language (Spanish)

Skyline Vertical Solutions

Project Management and Cost Control for AEC Market


HR Staffing, Recruiting and Leasing


Automate Mobile Radiology including Order Entry, Dispatch, Billing and Reporting for Health Care Providers

So if you are a developer working in a startup or wish to join/create a new startup, I strongly encourage you to checkout XRM platform to quickly build and deploy your business application/solution. Also check out the Bizspark program that offers tons of software and resources for startup companies.

Sanjay Jain has detailed blog coverage of the entire event here:

Please feel free to leave a comment or use the email form to send us any questions you have or if you wish to participate in a future CRM Incubation Week.

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  1. Thank you for making the 2 nd CRM Incubation Week such a huge success. We could not have done this without

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