Read and Recommended: Striving for Greatness in All You Do

Recently I ran across an article about doing research and it affected so much that I wanted to share with you all. I would call this a required reading for any developer/engineer out there. The article is A Stroke of Genius: Striving for Greatness in All You Do written by R.W. Hamming. Yes, the same…


xRM Acceleration Lab from 12/14/09 – 12/18/09 in Chicago

<Cross-posting from Sanjay Jain’s blog entry> We are ready to host our 1st xRM Acceleration Lab from 14th Dec’09 to 18th Dec’09 at Microsoft Technology Center, Chicago, IL. This is an exclusive event tailored for leading industry ISVs. We would cover Executive Briefing (EB), Architecture Design Sessions (ADS), and Proof of Concept (POC) with the…


PDC – Phone Company CRM & Azure Demo

Here is the full video of the “Phone Company” demo that shows the integration of Dynamics CRM “5”, AppFabric Service Bus and Windows Azure.   View & comment on Channel9 Note: Updated video (audio issue fixed) posted as a Channel9 screencast. To download this video, right click and download here. For better viewing experience, view…


3 xRM sessions at PDC09

Just found out that Barry Givens and Nikhil Hasija are doing another xRM session at PDC09. So that brings the total tally of xRM sessions to three! It might sound very low but this year PDC is only 3 days and almost the entire mornings on Day1 and Day2 will be spent in keynotes. Considering…


Dynamics CRM at PDC09

On November 17 the Professional Developers Conference (PDC) kicks off in Los Angeles and xRM & Microsoft Dynamics CRM will be there to make sure you have a good show. For those who don’t know what PDC is, it is the definitive Microsoft conference that showcases and gives you a roadmap of what’s coming out…


Windows 7 RTM version available for MSDN subscribers

Today the first public release of Windows 7 will be available to all MSDN Subscribers. I’m truly excited about Windows 7 as it a game changing platform in many aspects. Today, you will be able to download all Windows 7 Client (x86 and x64) Retail and VL Editions – English only on MSDN subscriber downloads….


PDC 09 is on. And yes, xRM will be served!

Get ready for the coolest developer event on the planet. Coming to Los Angeles again, PDC09 will be held from Nov 17th – 19th 2009. I had a blast at last PDC and I really look forward for this year’s event. One of the reasons I really look forward is because we’ll definitely be talking…


A simple definition of Windows Azure

Here is an interesting video that’s informative as well. It’s Friday evening after all , so chill out and enjoy this really nice & simple video that Steve Marx created to explain “What is Windows Azure?” with simple terms and hand drawn sketches. Now that was a great, wasn’t it. Check out Steve Marx’s blog…


Check out the Dynamics CRM Twibe

I was really surprised when my twitter account had a large number of new followers over the weekend. Now I know why. After I caught up with my RSS feeds, I realized Menno did a great job of compiling the “influential” Microsoft Dynamics CRM people on twitter. You can see the list of people…


Azure Pricing announced at WPC

Today, at WPC, we announced the business and partner model for the Windows Azure platform. Here are few highlights from the announcement. Commercial availability at PDC 2009 in November. SQL Azure will be available as a cloud-based relational database platform built on SQL Server. Free until the release in November. Now is the time to…