CRM Accelerators: Event Management

We continue our channel9 CRM accelerator video series with this post is on Event Management accelerator.

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CRM Accelerators: Event Management

The event management accelerator allows you to plan and manage events and logistics through Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This front end portal of this accelerator is actually built using an ASP.NET starter kit. Behind the scenes, CRM plug-ins and workflows drives the business logic like registration, waitlists, notifications etc.

The data model and business logic that Reuben has designed for this is very comprehensive and is a result of working with several event organizers. If you’re looking at building an event management solution, this accelerator will reduce a lot of brainstorming & revisions that you have to do otherwise.

Given the design of this, I’m beginning to wonder if this accelerator could very well become a Content Management System (CMS) for event planning. What do you think?

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  1. This past month, Reuben Krippner and I sat down to chat about the exciting Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0

  2. Kosher says:

    You guys should collaborate with the SharePoint team on this.  There seems to be some very interesting integration points.  Events are events and if you were to wrap up the features, integrated with sharepoint, that you have listed in the data model,  you would have a very compellling solution to provide your customers.  I can’t imagine there would be much variation in the data model or the integration with sharepoint.  DO IT!

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