Creating a CRM WPF Offline Application

Windows Presentation Foundation (not Framework!) allows you to create rich interactive user experiences. If you've watched the channel9 video on using WPF with CRM, below code sample and screencast will help you to hit the ground running on WPF development for CRM.

Download the code

Creating a CRM WPF Offline Application

Download the video

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  1. Hi, is there any chance to get the wpf timesheet entry code to test the WPF integration ?

    Thanks in advance from the South,


  2. Girish Raja says:


    You can find the sample WPF code I’ve published in the code Gallery here

    As far as releasing the application used in the "Dynamics Duo" video, we’re using some 3rd party controls in there, so we need to figure out the licensing terms before we can release that.

    But you can download many more WPF samples at and use the idea I’ve mentioned in the screencast to do CRM integration with WPF.

    Hope this helps,

    -Girish Raja.

  3. Any luck getting some version of MDI forms in WPF.

    Any plans, thoughts.

    Please let me know.


  4. Girish Raja says:


    Let me check with the WPF folks in our team and get back to you.

  5. Girish Raja says:

    Hello Fatah,

    Here is the response I had from my team.

    "There are some custom implementations that mimic MDI but they have overridden all sorts of functionality to achieve that.  You can alternatively choose to make another approach to structure the interface as WPF supports scaling.  For example, some of the MDI effects can be achieved by mimicking PowerPoint where your “documents” are shown in small “previews” on the side of the window and activated when selected."

    I’d also strongly recommend you to post your question in WPF forums ( to get feedback from the community.

  6. Hello Girish,

    I’m wondering if you have some respons from your team about the releasing of the application that is used in the "Dynamics Duo" video. I would even pay for the third party controls but very interested in the source code. Is there a possibility to release that???


    Robert-Jan Smid

  7. Girish Raja says:


    Yes, there is a possibility of releasing this and I’m working on releasing it. It will be few more weeks before that can happen.Also as you mention, the WPF application does requires a separate license for the 3rd party control.

  8. Hello Girish,

    Can I find somewhere more information about the release?


    Robert-Jan Smid

  9. Derek says:

    Yes! Where is that code?! Obviously a lot of the shine in the WPF app is the charting control, but I’m most interested in the core functionality that has to do with reading data in/out of the online/offline CRM deployment. I’m very versed in app/web development but new to CRM and the lack of CRM specific coding samples is driving me crazy 🙂

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