Customizing Main Navigation of CRM 4.0 – Part3

In part 1 and part 2 of the navigation series, we saw how to customize CRM's navigation. Custom navigation along with custom entities, allows you to start creating Line of Business (LOB) applications in a variety of vertical industries. In the final part of the navigation series, we'll see how we can take the end result of simple customizations and deploy it on the server.

I've posted the sample customization files (entities and sitemap)  for a simple professional services scenario as referred in the channel9 video here. You can download these file below

Download Entity customizations

Download Sitemap customizations

Please note that this is a sample only and NOT a real application for professional services.

To assist you in the process to getting started, below is a screencast that shows how you can import the entity and sitemap customizations into your CRM system.

Customizing CRM's Entity Model and User Experience

Download the video

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  1. rypki says:

    Thanks for the screencast. I have found it very useful.



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