Creating a custom SharePoint webpart for CRM

Continuing the back to basics series, I thought I'd write a simple SharePoint webpart that pulls data from the CRM 4.0 VPC. If you've watched the Dynamics Duo talk on SharePoint, this should help you get to the next step and dig into some code.

After a little bit of challenge, I was able to get the sample code published in Code Gallery for download.

Download the Code

I also captured the process of creating a CRM-SharePoint custom webpart as a screencast and you can view it below.

Creating a custom SharePoint webpart for CRM

Download the Video

The example shows how you can build it from the group up. You can obviously use SharePoint project template and deployment packages to automate some of the steps.

Comments (7)

  1. Shai says:


    Now we’re waiting to the rest of the code from all other episodes. OBA,WPF,Silverlight.


  2. Girish Raja says:

    They’re coming right out! I’ll post the basic OBA and WPF examples today. Silverlight one should be up tomorrow.


  3. JL says:

    Hi Girish, thanks for the information, it has been really helpful, it ran pretty much, now I am trying to do something a little bit fancier, could you provide the code you use in “The Dynamics Duo talk about Dynamics CRM and SharePoint”??? Thanks in advance!


  4. Ben Shearer says:

    Hi Girishr,

    Have you done any work on getting a custom dynamics web part to connect with the dynamics list web part for sharepoint?

    I’m having loads of trouble getting it to work and I think I’ve missed something at a low level. Do you have any sample code that you’d be willing to share??



  5. Girish Raja says:

    Hello Ben,

    I personally haven’t tried connecting it to the Dynamics List Webpart. Maybe some in the Development Forums might have had some experience with it.


    -Girish Raja.

  6. Leroy says:

    Hi Girish,

    Can you please let me know how to create a web-part using the, since I'm not well versed with C# thanks


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