CRM ISVs at WPC 2008

WPC2008-1Partnering with Microsoft is a wonderful opportunity for the partners and a huge bonus to our customers. Seriously, I haven't seen any other  major software vendor having such a great partner eco-system.

To illustrate that we're not just ranting about it, Nikhil Hasija, a Senior Product Manager for CRM team showed us a preview of some of the ISV solutions that'll be showcased at WPC this year. Ben, Sanjay and John have covered the solutions in details and the sessions you wouldn't want to miss at WPC.

What's interesting to me is the way ISVs have creatively used the CRM platform and how they've seamlessly integrated with products like Silverlight, Virtual Earth, Live Messenger,...

If you are at WPC, do attend these sessions and find out how you as Partners, can leverage solutions like this in the eco-system to help your customers.

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