Whitepaper on CRM Platform Development

We have released a whitepaper on the Platform Goodness of Microsoft CRM 4.0 and how Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) can leverage the platform to build all sorts of applications/mashups on top of the platform.

The whitepaper is available for download here:


imageDavid Yack from Colorado Technology Consultants helped us with authoring this paper and please give a big shout out to him.

Notice that we highlight the xRM capabilities of the platform in this paper and it also drills down into different scenarios where you can use and integrate with the platform.

Though the paper covers a lot of ground, it is a great start to think about various possibilities you may have overseen all along. So I strongly recommend reading this not only for the breadth of developers and technical decision makers out there but also for seasoned MSCRM implementers.

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