I love Onenote and evangelize it’s use equally as I evangelize CRM.

This sarcasm from Office Offline blog by David Salaguinto is the best blog humor I’ve seen in a while.


His blog is one of the reasons why I don’t effectively use my time at work 🙂

BTW, shouldn’t he call it Office Dead (Live) instead of Office Offline. Hey, I’m just following the rules of our marketing here.

Comments (2)

  1. Swiper says:

    Ha! "Office Dead" would certainly get my blog a lot of attention. Thanks for the kind words, Girish. I’m glad you like the comic. (Now get back to work.)


  2. Girish Raja says:

    I’ll try David 🙂 To set some context for the readers, please see the below link on re-naming of "CRM Live" to "CRM Online".

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