CRM Incubation Week – Roundup

It is not usual to see pouring rain in Virginia and heavy snow fall in Seattle at the same time. The CRM incubation week happened during this same time and like the weather, the event was definitely extraordinary. As I blogged earlier, the CRM Incubation Week was conducted on a very simple idea. The idea…


CRM Accelerators: Analytics

Reuben decided to take control of things on this channel9 video as we discuss about the Analytics accelerator. <Alert> We recorded this video really early in the development cycle for this accelerator. There are far more cool capabilities and reports in the final version of this accelerator than what we see in this video. </Alert>…


CRM Accelerators: eService (ASP.NET Portal)

Hands down, this is the accelerator that developers (at least I personally) would crave for. CRM Accelerators: eService (ASP.NET Portal) eService accelerator allows developers to easily create self-service customer portals built on top of ASP.NET. This accelerator utilizes an ASP.NET starter kit and several components of the ASP.NET framework including the membership provider for authentication….


CRM Accelerators: Event Management

We continue our channel9 CRM accelerator video series with this post is on Event Management accelerator. CRM Accelerators: Event Management The event management accelerator allows you to plan and manage events and logistics through Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This front end portal of this accelerator is actually built using an ASP.NET starter kit. Behind the scenes,…


CRM Accelerators: Notifications (RSS)

In this video, Reuben and I chat about the Notifications Accelerator. CRM Accelerators: Notifications (RSS) CRM notifications accelerator allows you to expose CRM business data by creating Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds. Users can subscribe to any saved views within CRM as a feed. This allows you to have a channel where you pull information…


PDC2008 sets benchmark for Wireless Connectivity

Many of you who were there at the PDC keynote room might have missed the UFO style devices (in the picture below) from Xirrus. But several of these devices were silently (perhaps a little flashy) and dutifully doing their job in the keynote room. Pardon my lazy blogging for not saying enough about it at…


CRM Accelerators: Enterprise Search

In this video, we take a look at the Enterprise Search Accelerator for CRM and see how SharePoint and CRM can complement each other in creating business solutions. The enterprise search accelerator allows Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) customers to view and search for Microsoft Dynamics CRM data directly from their SharePoint portals. Additionally,…


CRM Platform Incubation Week

Wouldn’t it be great to build a functional business application in a week’s time. That is exactly what my colleague and good friend Sanjay Jain is aspiring for startups and students to do. The 1st CRM Incubation Week is being held at Microsoft Technology Center, Reston, VA from Mon 12/15/2008 to Fri 12/19/2008. This event…


Meet me at TechEd EMEA 2008

This week, I’m in the beautiful city of Barcelona attending TechEd EMEA 2008. We have a lot of CRM information at TechEd this time, so be sure to check it out. Reuben Krippner and I are co-presenting a couple of session this week. The first session is titled “Dynamics CRM as a Development Platform for…


CRM Accelerators: An Introduction with Reuben Krippner

Few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to interview Reuben Krippner from the CRM team. Reuben has been working very hard for the last several months to release CRM Accelerators. In this short video, Reuben gives us an overview of the Accelerators program and we chat about how Accelerators will evolve in the future. CRM…