CRM 4.0 (Titan) videos on Channel9!

I finally switched to RSSBandit as my new feedreader and the post Channel9-Philthat immediately caught my attention in the shiny new reader was Ben blogging about his latest video on Channel9. Do check out all Channel9 videos on CRM. I highly recommend this series of videos for any CRM or Platform enthusiast.

These were recorded a few weeks ago and the funny part was that I was physically in the same room where these videos were recorded but today is the day I listened (literally!) to what they were talking. On the day of recording Steffen and I were shadowing the recording from the adjacent section of the room and everything looked (& sounded) great until the glass door in between us was closed and we couldn't hear a thing! 

But anyways, don't think of it as a studio-type video. These are just like any other Channel9 video. There weren't any scripts or heavy post-production sort of stuff. People just showed up on the day of shoot and started talking and what you get to see is the raw footage.

It is very interesting to see Philip Richardson talk. Though it seems like he talks very fast, he is very engaging and definitely compelling. BTW, after watching the first video of the series, don't you feel being subliminally persuaded to grab a Diet Pepsi right now? 🙂

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