Increasing CORE quota limits in Azure


I had this ask on how to increase the default quota limits on Azure and I wanted to capture the basic flow using the new portal. The following talks about increasing CORE limits of VMs. The default for a subscription is 20. While we are here submitting a ticket for increasing CORE count of a subscription, increasing other limits is very similar and can be done by creating a similar ticket, though you will have to choose the correct resource type for which you want to increase the quota. Overall it is a very simple and straightforward process to submit a request and have the quota increase request granted. Note that increasing quota limits does not automatically mean you will be billed extra. It is only a soft limit that is being reset, and you will only be billed for actual usage. So you should have peace of mind increasing core counts.

Go to your portal and click on Help+Support->New Support Request -> Request Type (look at the bread crumbs at the top to see the navigational hierarchy)


Then click on “Quotas” and then choose the subscription for which you want to change the quota. Note that customers usually have multiple subscriptions.


NOTE:  If your VM instance sizes are going to go over and above the current subscription limit, you will see them as "Not Available" in the new portal (ie So you should check your current core quotas against the actual number of cores you are using. Another quirk is that if you are  using Azure Resource Manager (ARM), then the quota numbers are per region instead of subscription. So be aware if you are planning to use ARM based deployments and needed to increase the core counts, then you also have to factor the regions in which you are doing the deployment and request quota changes across the regions you are needing to deploy.



Choose the resource type where you want to increase the QUOTA

In this case since I want to increase my CORE count from default of 20 to say 25, I am going to choose the resource type of “Virtual Machines running Windows”



Follow the screen shots and fill up the rest. This should generate a support ticket (see the very last screen shot) and also generate an e-mail to you.









This will generate a support ticket and a support engineer will contact you based on priority and after making a few checks usually increase your quotas' soft limits. It is actually a simple and straightforward process.

Comments (6)

  1. Walter says:

    Any indication of turn around time?

  2. GP says:

    Should be very quick. Within 24 hours is my experience.

  3. ams says:

    Still waiting 3 days after making a request. How embarrassing that you have to open a ticket to scale beyond 4 cores and wait for 3 days with no response from Microsoft. This is not what cloud is about.

    1. Devin says:

      I know I’m very late, but for anyone else reading this. If you only have a default of 4 cores it may be that you have a free trial and with a free trial 4 cores is the max amount allowed.

  4. Chris says:

    How can you check core allocation in the new portal? MSFT support have actioned my core increase but how to I check?

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