Integrated End-To-End DevOps LifeCycle from the Azure Portal

This changes a lot of things regarding how apps are developed and deployed.

This is just mind blowing for a development team, on all of the new things that you can do from within the Azure Portal.

Create Team Project node in the Azure Portal

  1. Uses the Visual Studio Online infrastructure, but is now exposed from Azure portal
  2. Create Team Projects directly from Azure Portal

Setup Continuous Deployment from Azure Portal

  1. Wire up a Web Site, and Team Project that can automatically and continuously deploy
  2. Queue Builds
  3. Code Views from Microsoft Azure Portal

Integrated (Instrument) Application Insights monitoring of your deployed App in the portal

  1. User Level Monitoring Data
  2. Application Level monitoring data
  3. Code Views: Drill into SRC code from Azure Portal, Edit your code with full IntelliSense right from within the Portal

Operational Aspects

Resource Groups

A Resource Group is a Declarative JSON description of an entire application suite

  1. Set of resources that make an application
  2. It could be a set Web Sites, Databases and Client components
  3. Open up the Resource View in the Azure Portal and see the aggregated view of the components

Aggregated view of data (including billing) of the components of the Resource Group

  1. Aggregated view of operational and as well as billing Data
  2. With Integrated Data Analytics see data statistics such as
    • Which browsers are visiting my site
    • Which pages are the bottleneck

Auto scale your resource usage, with zero need for you to make configuration changes.

Capture the entire Resource Group with the Azure Resource Manager Preview using PowerShell

  1. A Resource Group template in JSON is a blue print of your entire application
  2. Open up and modify the declarative JSON file in VS
  3. Run a PS ( NewAzureResourceGroup - .\TemplateFile <<ResourceFile>> ) to recreate your application in its entirety.

Why it is important: This provides complete end to end DevOps Orchestration & Control right from within the Azure Portal

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