TFS 2010 Power Tools – PowerShell Gems

One of the things that’s often overlooked is the availability of a strong set of PowerShell commandlets provided as part of the TFS 2010 Power Tools install. When you install it you get a robust set of PowerShell commandlets that you could use to do Version Control, Work Item Tracking, Workspace etc operations.

Not only that this is well documented with examples. The documentation you can find in the following location:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2010 Power Tools\Help\PowerShellCmdlets.mht

[Note that the above location will vary based on where you installed it – the above is the default]

Now go to Start->Run-> and enter the above full path to the .MHT file. This will open up in the browser from where you can see the full documentation. See the screen shot below.



Enjoy the goodies.

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