HOW TO: Move SRC code from one Team Project Collection (TPC) to another TPC


This is applicable only when you want to move your SRC code across from a TPC to another for using it under a new Process Template in that collection and you don’t care anymore about the old Work Items and Reports. You would rather make a clean break and use the new template going forward and you are content with referring to the older Team Project in its TPC to refer back to history and such.

Note that within the same Team Project Collection you can always create a brand new Team Project from the SRC code that exists in another Team Project.

The above is not possible if your target or destination Team Projects are in different Team Project collections.(TPCs)

However one of the crude workarounds is the following, when you are ONLY requiring SRC code moves.

a. Create a workspace and check out all SRC from the source Team Project in the source TPC.

b. create a new Team Project in the target TPC.

c. Remove the binding files from the SRC dumped out in (a) OR , better yet just move it  on the disk to a new directory  and remove all SRC binding files.

d. Then add the source from the above step – c- into the new Team Project you created in the target TPC you created in (b) above, or it could also be into an existing Team Project you already had in the target TPC.

Once again this is ONLY if you don’t care about the other things such as WITs and Reports from the older Team Project, and you only care about the SRC Code.

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