Excel Dashboards on Project Portal for TFS 2010 “failed to refresh”

  I had this nagging problem on one instance where the Excel dashboards on a TFS 2010 instance would not bring up the data. Here is how I fixed it (hopefully) someone else will benefit. There could be more than one reason for this error to manifest. In my case the following is what I…


AWESOMENESS in its most AWESOME form – Hyper-V coming to Windows 8 desktop – aka Client versions

I have often fretted about the lack of 64 bit Virtualization capabilities on Windows Client OSs (aka Win7). Fret no more. This is coming to an end with the next generation of Windows Operating ssytems – called Windows 8. In the Windows 8 blog http://blogs.msdn.com/b8 at http://blogs.msdn.com/b/b8/archive/2011/09/07/bringing-hyper-v-to-windows-8.aspx the windows team has just announced this. This…


Virtualization! Virtualization–what you should consider when going virtual. Some storage best practices for Hyper-V

These days it has become trendy to talk about Virtualization. Virtualization has its virtues – however,you also need to study and plan carefully the workloads that you want to virtualize. Since database hosting is getting virtualized and databases by their very nature are very I/O intensive there are a myriad of things you need to…


Two new Certifications achieved this year

WoHoo! Two new certifications achieved. The logos are downloadable from MCP site, only of one passed the exams. 1. For .NET 3.5 I took earlier in the fiscal year 2. For TFS 2010 Administration and Configuration I took recently. Definitely feels good. BuzzNet Tags: TFS 2010 Certified


TFS 2010–Test Case Attachment Cleanup tool

  This attachment cleanup tool can be downloaded from the link below. http://visualstudiogallery.msdn.microsoft.com/3d37ce86-05f1-4165-957c-26aaa5ea1010/  For some of the customers who use the advanced capabilities of TFS 2010, such as collecting diagnostic data from the Test runs, they come up with the issue of quick build up the TFS Database disk space. Depending on the volume of…


Connecting to TFS from Microsoft Test Manager aka MTM

  This question has come up a few times, so I thought I might as well blog. How to connect to Team Foundation Server from the Test Management console. You are connecting from MTM to TFS and you get the following error. Unable to connect to the server <YourServerName>. Check that the server name is…


FunAnimalCards– An interactive application for toddlers published in the Windows Phone marketplace

  FunAnimalCards is an interactive application developed for toddlers to help them to explore and interactively discover animals and receive positive encouragement and feedback in the process of exploring. This is a free application. Following are a few screen shots of the application.      BuzzNet Tags: WP7   The kid can discover what the…


TFS 2010 – Application Tier Version Control Cache Configuration

Sometimes people experience some kind of disk pressure on the Application Tier due to the cache filling up and then go hunting on how to set the cache settings so that they can manage the disk pressure. This is not yet (as of the time of writing this blog post) well documented in the MSDN…


Error: TF14908: Access Denied: User DOMAINUserName needs ManageBranch permission(s) for $/ParentBranch.

You are using TFS 2010 and have a complex branching hierarchy with parent child relationships. You also went ahead and restricted permissions on parent branch and gave the branch related permissions ONLY to the developers working on their branches. Now one of the developers want to change some of the branch properties such as say:…