How to: Checking in another user’s changes in TFS

This question came up at a customer and while there could be a few ways to do this, the following is one of the ways to do this.


The TF checkin command has an option called /author. Using the author option one could check in another user’s changes. This is useful in situations such as when the user checked out the file, made some changes and then left the organization without checking it back in.


The format of the command is:


tf checkin [/author:author name] [/comment:("comment"|@comment file)] [/noprompt] [/notes:(“Note Name”=”note text”|@notefile)] [/override:reasonfile|@reason] [/recursive] [/saved] [/validate] [itemspec]


Ofcourse to do this the user using the above command must have the “Check in other user's changes permission” set to Allow.


The full details can be found in

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  1. Hi, I am having a problem with this and appreciate any assistance you might be able to provice:

    I have the situation described above with a user who left the organization and left some changes checked out.  I have tried using the tf checkin command.  I am in the Administrator's Group on the TFS server. In my case the workspace is on a virtual machine that is not on the domain where TFS server resides.  At first I was getting the "Unable to determine the workspace" error.  After some experimentation I created my own workspace in a separate folder on the same computer using VS and Team Explorer – that somehow seemed to get me past that error.  Now I can issue the command and after entering my full domain credentials when prompted, I get the "Check In – Source Files" dialog.  I click "Check In" and then I get the error "TF14091: You cannot perform this operation on workspace … because you are not the owner of the workspace.".  Of course I am not the owner!  If I was I would not have to be issuing this command!  What am I missing?  This seems like such a cumbersome process.

    My command:

    tf checkin /author:DOMAINorigowner /comment:"…"  /recursive

    Versions: VS 2008, TFS 2008, Win XP

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