HOW TO: Access Hidden Features in Windows Phone

Now that the Windows Phone is out with its buttery smooth UI, some of you might find the following TIP-SHEET useful. Most of these you can also find  List of “hidden” but “Easy to Get to” features in Windows Phone Tap and Hold Almost in a majority of cases you can “TAP and HOLD”…


Microsoft introduces Rapid Application Development (RAD) with LightSwitch release

  MS has just announced RAD with LightSwitch. Here is my first peek at it, as I walk through it. Once you go to MSDN and download the package and install it, you will see it manifest as two project templates in VS IDE.     The basic idea is to provide the ability to…


My First Windows Phone Application

Got some kick out of doing this very simple Hello World Application for Windows Phone 7     And another REAL one which my wife wanted me to program. The numbers are just random. Presto!


Different Configuration Screens for TFS 2010

I created this for my own reference to TFS 2010 configuration screen shots, so that I could refer them without having to load the DVD or spin up the VMs. The useful info as far as these are concerned is the guidance it gives on the following two sections(which I find handy) 1. You might…


Visual Studio – Vanishing solution node when adding projects

A friend of mine today was quibbling a bit while using Visual Studio 2010 to create a solution and then to add projects to it. The normal behavior one would expect is as follows: Create an empty solution. One would expect to see the solution name (say MySolution) in the solution explorer. And it does…


Mega Data Centers, Cloud Computing and Windows Azure

Microsoft has been building Mega Data centers at various cities in the World. To begin with Hotmail was already requiring such resources being the largest e-mail system in the world. As of this writing Windows Live-ID which is required for every hotmail account is the largest Identity provider (close to a billion Live-IDs have been…


How to: Checking in another user’s changes in TFS

This question came up at a customer and while there could be a few ways to do this, the following is one of the ways to do this.   The TF checkin command has an option called /author. Using the author option one could check in another user’s changes. This is useful in situations such…


How to use Fiddler to capture HTTPS sessions and convert to a VSTS Web Test

This question came up quite a few times. So I thought I will post it here. There are a few situations when the Out of the Box VSTS 2008 Web Test Recorder will not capture certain HTTP traffic, such as HTTPS. In such cases Fiddler comes in handy. Here is a STEP by STEP of…